Maran Illustrated Excel 2003, 1st Edition

  • Ruth Maran
  • ISBN-10: 1592008763  |  ISBN-13: 9781592008766
  • 320 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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Produced by the award-winning maranGraphics Group, Maran Illustrated™ Microsoft® Excel 2003 is a valuable resource for all readers, regardless of experience. Clear, step-by-step instructions walk you through each operation from beginning to end. Helpful topic introductions and useful tips provide additional information and advice to enhance your Excel 2003 experience and help meet your individual needs. Maran Illustrated™ Microsoft® Excel 2003 is packed with information useful to those who have purchased their first computer and are learning Excel 2003 for the first time. Those who have experience with older versions of Excel will find this book an excellent guide to help them take command of their computing experience, by way of the easy-to-use maranGraphics format. You have the option of reading the book from cover to cover, or simply reading the individual topics they are interested in.

Features and Benefits

  • Features a unique two-page spread, over 500 full-color screen shots, illustrations, and useful tips that appeal to and engage visual learners and simplify the learning process.
  • Provides extensive coverage of the latest version of Microsoft�s spreadsheet program, Excel 2003, including new features such as the research pane, side-by-side comparisons, list functionality, and information protection.
  • Uses simple, easy-to-understand, and concise text and covers over 140 essential topics, making it a great reference for all skill levels.
  • Written using �Visual Grammar,� a proven method that combines instructions with full-color screen shots to provide the best synergistic learning experience available.
  • All examples contained in the book are available for download at

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Getting Started
Chapter 2 Save and Open your Workbooks
Chapter 3 Edit your Worksheets
Chapter 4 Work with Rows and Columns
Chapter 5 Work with Formulas and Functions
Chapter 6 Change your Screen Display
Chapter 7 Format your Worksheets
Chapter 8 Print your Worksheets
Chapter 9 Work with Multiple Worksheets
Chapter 10 Work with Charts
Chapter 11 Work with Objects
Chapter 12 Manage Data in a List
Chapter 13 Protect your Data
Chapter 14 Time-Saving Features
Chapter 15 Using Speech Recognition
Chapter 16 Excel and the Internet

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ruth Maran

Ruth Maran is one of a select few North American authors who can claim over 10 million books in print. Ruth has written bestselling user guides in a number of different computer topic areas including Windows, Access and Mac OS X.