Gaining Cultural Competence in Career Counseling, 1st Edition

  • Kathy Evans University of South Carolina
  • ISBN-10: 0618573585  |  ISBN-13: 9780618573585
  • 224 Pages
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Gaining Cultural Competence in Career Counseling is a supplement designed to help counselors and counselors-in-training simultaneously acquire competence in both career counseling and multicultural counseling. The goal of this text is not only to describe the philosophical reasons for practicing culturally appropriate career counseling, but also to provide counselors with concrete ways to implement those philosophies. The first half of the book comprises four chapters focusing on the foundational skills for effective counseling across cultures. It is crucial for counselors and counselors-in-training to master these multicultural skills before moving on to the second half of the text, which integrates those multicultural competencies with specific career counseling competencies.

Features and Benefits

  • Exercises throughout the book--which are heavily emphasized in the first half--help readers internalize the chapter content.
  • Real World Examples and Scenarios in each chapter bring the abstract concepts under discussion to life.
  • "Final Thoughts" and "Review/Reflection Questions" reinforce key chapter material.
  • References at the end of each chapter provide a list of works cited within the chapter, enabling readers to extend their learning process outside the text.

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter concludes with References. Chapters 2-8 include Review/Reflection Questions.
1. The Importance of Culturally Competent Career Counseling
Why Multicultural Counseling?
Multicultural Competencies
Career Counseling Competencies
Synthesizing Multicultural Competencies and Career Counseling Competencies
2. Awareness of Your Own Cultural Heritage
The Dominant American Culture
Cultural Relativism and Worldview
Racial/Cultural Identity Development Models
Racial/Cultural Identity Development of Oppressed Groups
White Racial Identity Development
Developing a Positive Racial Identity
Final Thoughts about Culture
3. Your Biases
Racism and Oppression
Final Thoughts about Biases
4. Awareness of the Client's Worldview
Understanding the Client's History
Understanding Client Cultural Mistrust
Respecting Client Cultural Expectations and Values
Discerning Differences Within the Same Cultural Group
Considering the Client's Racial/Cultural Identity Development Status
Comprehending Client Worldview as It Relates to the World of Work
Understanding the Current Political Climate for Ethnic Minorities
Final Thoughts about Client Worldview
5. Using Career Development Theories
The Traditional Career Development Theories
Recent Inclusive Theories
Career Counseling Process Models for Multicultural Groups
Final thoughts about Career Counseling Theories
6. Cultural Competence in Testing
Types of Career Tests
Cultural and Environmental Influences on Career Testing
Test Interpretation for Diverse Populations
Final Thoughts about Testing
7. Multiculturally Competent Career Counseling Skills
Integrating Personal Counseling and Career Counseling
Multicultural Applications of the Career Counseling Competencies
Stages of Career Counseling
Group Career Counseling
Final Thoughts on Skills
8. Social Action
Social Action Competencies
Committing to Social Action and Social Justice
Social Action Training
Social Action Skills Categories for Career Counselors
Final Thoughts

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Kathy Evans

Kathy Evans is an associate professor of counseling at the University of South Carolina. She received her PhD in counseling from Penn State University in 1989. She teaches both the multicultural counseling course and the career development course at USC, and her scholarly writing consists of articles that combine these two competencies.