Casebook of Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Settings, 6th Edition

  • A. Michael Dougherty Western Carolina University
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  • 230 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2009, 2005, 2000
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In this practical book, readers “watch” experienced and effective psychologists, counselors, and other human service professionals practice consultation and collaboration. By reading and responding to eight cases, they will be able to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and between knowing what consultation is and knowing how to consult. Readers also get practice in making their own decisions by reflecting on how they would handle these same cases, and can apply what they have learned to a series of ten practice cases. By the time they finish the book, users will have begun to forge their own personalized approach to consultation.

Features and Benefits

  • The book guides students through a series of cases handled by professional consultants, and then offers challenging practice cases that allow students to adapt techniques and help them to develop their own approach.
  • The cases emphasize consultation and collaboration in a variety of community and school settings, allowing readers to see how to offer effective services in numerous situations.
  • Each chapter contains learning exercises (new to this edition) that promote meaningful discussion and reflection, as well as tips for practice.
  • A. Michael Dougherty's core consultation text, PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION AND COLLABORATION IN SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY SETTINGS, Sixth Edition, complements this casebook.

Table of Contents

1. Foundations of Consultation and Collaboration, by A. Michael Dougherty.
2. Problem-Solving (Behavioral) Consultation: School-Based Applications, by Margaret R. Altschaefl.
3. Mental Health Case Consultation, by Frances E. Tack and Deana F. Morrow.
4. Adlerian Case Consultation with a Teacher, by Terry Kottman with A. Michael Dougherty.
5. Education/Training Consultation with School Personnel, by Phyllis Robertson, Mary D. Deck, and Glenda E. Isenhour.
6. Systems Consultation and Collaboration: Working with a Metropolitan Police Department to Implement a New Program for Crisis Intervention with the Mentally Ill, by Richard K. James and Walter Crews.
7. Process Consultation in a Workplace Setting, by John J. Sherlock and Kirk Smith.
8. School-Wide Consultation to Implement a Positive Behavioral Interventions Support Program, by Russell Curtis and Jill W. Van Horne.
9. Implications for Effective Practice, by A. Michael Dougherty.
10. Cases for Further Practice, by A. Michael Dougherty.
Case 1: A School-Based Consultant Assists a Teacher.
Case 2: A School-Based Consultant Works with Parents.
Case 3: A Consultant Aids a Therapist at a Community Mental Health Center.
Case 4: A Member of a University Counseling Center Consults with a University's Director of Student Affairs.
Case 5: A Human Services Consultant Provides Services to Midlevel Manager in an Industrial Setting.
Case 6: A Member of a University Counseling Center Collaborates with a Faculty Member Who Sponsors a Sorority.
Case 7: An Employee Assistance Program Coordinator Collaborates with a Vice President of a Telephone Company.
Case 8: A Collaboration Team Attempts to Help an Aggressive Student.
Case 9: A School Psychologist Consults to Implement a Positive Behavior Support Program.
Case 10: A School-Based Team Collaborates to Implement a Response to Intervention (RTI) Program.

What's New

  • The author and contributors have extensively revised and updated each chapter of the book to include current thinking, while retaining elements that professors and students have found to be beneficial in the past.
  • New learning exercises at the end of each chapter are designed to further engage students in reflecting upon and retaining the material. Students can write their responses in the book, thereby creating opportunities to share their ideas in a variety of learning situations. In online courses and courses with online components, professors can promote live discussion and/or create a discussion board for selected case studies by using the learning exercises as the focus.
  • A new Chapter 2 case study, “Problem-Solving (Behavioral) Consultation: School-Based Applications,” includes the newest thinking about this topic as well as six new learning exercises.
  • New, expanded, or updated topics in this edition include multicultural consultation and collaboration, prevention and consultation (Ch. 1); HIV/AIDS (Ch. 3); Adlerian consultation (Ch. 4); education/training consultation (Ch. 5); social locations and implications for consultation, and conflict resolution with stakeholders in systems (Ch. 6).
  • Chapter 7, “Process Consultation in a Workplace Setting,” presents an updated literature review for Schein's process consulting model and incorporates his latest thinking about helping people and organizations through “humble inquiry.” This chapter also includes a new discussion on culture change in organizations, and discusses new literature that links process consulting to performance improvement in organizations.
  • Additional changes include discussion of updated literature on Positive Behavioral Interventions Support (PBIS) programs, new material on behavioral expectations in PBIS implementation (Ch. 8); and new and updated material on multicultural consultation and organizational context (Ch. 9).
  • Chapter 10, “Cases for Further Practice,” features two new cases, and converts existing practice cases into learning exercises that utilize a workbook format to further engage students in the material.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

A. Michael Dougherty

A. Michael Dougherty Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Counseling and former Dean of the College of Education and Allied Professions at Western Carolina University (WCU) in Cullowhee, North Carolina. During his tenure as dean, WCU’s teacher education programs were recipients of both the AASCU Christa McAuliffe Award and the ATE Distinguished Program in Teacher Education Award. He is author of Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Settings (6th Edition, 2014) and Casebook of Psychological Consultation and Collaboration in School and Community Settings (6th Edition, 2014) both published by Brooks/Cole-Cengage Publishing Company. Dougherty has published a large number of articles on consultation and on school counseling. His major current research interests are in the area of interpersonal processes in consultation and collaboration. He has consulted, taught courses, and made presentations in a variety of international settings including Barbados, Colombia, Cypress, El Salvador, Germany, Great Britain, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, and Jordan.