Branding Strategies for the Salon and Spa, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

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From new hire to senior staff member to solo practitioner, BRANDING STRATEGIES FOR THE SALON AND SPA is an interactive online course that teaches the concepts necessary to develop a unique brand and to stand out from the competition. Broken into six sections – Identity and Vision, People and Culture, Products and Services, Marketing Mix, Leadership and Management, and Brand Equity – each one contains an in-depth discussion of the topic and specific examples from the salon and spa industry. Whether just beginning the start-up phase of a new operation or after years of running a business, this course will show the salon and spa professional how to go about creating a solid brand and company identity from the ground up.

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Features and Benefits

  • Interactive activities for each section are provided, applying the workable concepts presented in the course.
  • Quizzes at the end of each section allows for the tracking of learning and testing progress.
  • Specific examples from the salon and spa industry helps to relate the concepts presented in the course directly to a specific business.
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Table of Contents

Identity and Vision.
People and Culture.
Products and Services.
Marketing Mix.
Leadership and Management.
Brand Equity.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"It gives a complete understanding of how to run a salon, and also gave ideas to make improvements to the salon"

— Barbara Montgomery, NYS Licensed Nail Technician NYS Licensed Esthetician

"Visually appealing, interesting, short, to the point. One did not feel as if it were to be an unending stream of reading. Easy to understand and easy to relate and comprehend."

— Barbara Montgomery, Director of Product Development and Education

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Milady is the leading provider of comprehensive cosmetology educational and professional solutions for over 80 years.