MC68HC11: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Han-Uei Huang Mankato State University
  • Leo Chartrand Niagara College
  • ISBN-10: 0766816001  |  ISBN-13: 9780766816008
  • 672 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1996
  • © 2001 | Published
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The new, second edition of this comprehensive book on the 68HC11 microcontroller from Motorola is unique in that it uses both the assembly language (for better hardware control and execution time) and the C language (for faster projection completion) to instruct readers in the basics of interface programming. Now featuring greater numbers of exercises in every chapter - plus new tutorials on the EVB and CMD11-A8 demo boards and use of the C compiler - this edition of MC68HC11-An Introduction utilizes a methodical, step-by-step approach to facilitate learning. Numerous examples are also featured throughout the book to ensure complete understanding of topics, such as: assembly language programming, I/O interface programming in C, memory interfacing, interrupt and rest processing, parallel I/O interfacing, serial communication port, SPI interfacing, and data acquisition. And an all-new chapter serves as a C programming refresher course, while the incorporation of flowcharts and/or algorithmic procedures for most programs aids in the reader in acquiring an overall understanding of program logic. Improved coverage of multi-precision division, updated LCD interfacing examples, discussion of the i8225 interfacing chip, plus detailed coverage of humidity and sensor signal processing is also featured in this edition.

Features and Benefits

  • A CD-ROM included with the book contains the as11 assembler, a demo version of the C compiler, sample programs, and data sheets to enable readers to develop their application programs without having to retype programs.
  • Numerous examples illustrate the instruction execution process, addressing modes, program loops, multi-precision arithmetic, array and string processing, subroutine calls, and more!
  • Detailed tutorials instruct readers in how to use Buffalo commands and download programs to Motorola EVA and Axiom CMD11-A8 demo boards for execution.
  • How to write interrupt service routines in both assembly and C language is included as part of an overall introduction to the basic concepts of interrupts and resets.
  • A detailed timing analysis on memory interface supplements discussion of 68HC11 operation modes and memory expansion issues, enabling readers to verify that the design has been done correctly.
  • 68HC11 subsystems are explored thoroughly with numerous examples to illustrate their applications, including: keypad scanning and debouncing; LED and LCD displays; Centronics printer interface; D/A converters; frequency, period, and pulse-width measurements; time-of-day tracking; real-time interrupts, watchdog timers; RS-232 interfacing; A/D converters and more!
  • An entire chapter on data acquisition includes coverage of essential components such as sensors; signal conditioning circuits, and sampling techniques accompanied by examples on temperature, humidity and pressure measurements.
  • All-new appendices include an updated I/O register and development tool vendor directory, new design projects, plus standard resistor values.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Motorola 68HC11,
68HC11 Assembly Programming,
Data Structures and Subroutine Calls,
C Language Programming,
Operation Modes and Memory Expansion,
Interrupts and Resets,
Parallel I/O Ports,
68HC11 Timer Functions,
68HC11 Serial Communication Interface,
68HC11 Serial Peripheral Interface,
Analog-to-Digital Converter,


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Instructor Supplements

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Han-Uei Huang

Ph.D., Iowa State University

Leo Chartrand

Mr. Chartrand holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Queen¿s university in Kingston Ontario. He has been teaching digital courses for 20 years at Niagara College in Welland , Ontario. Mr. Chartrand has made industry contributions with various designs including interfacing an infrared camera to a PC, creating a digital circuit board used as a PC training system, and designing a control pendant for an air-filled medical bed. He also worked as a plant engineer for General Motors.