2012 Complete Commentary Collection, CD-ROM, 1st Edition

  • International Code Council (ICC)
  • ISBN-10: 1609830865  |  ISBN-13: 9781609830861
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An entire library of codes from the highly acclaimed International Code Council (ICC) is at your fingertips with this one-of-a-kind electronic resource. Easy to use and convenient to access, this comprehensive guide is comprised of the complete collection of 2012 regulations that have been set forth by the ICC: the International Building Code®, International Residential Code®, International Property Maintenance Code®, International Plumbing Code®, International Energy Conservation Code®, International Fuel Gas Code®, International Mechanical Code, International Existing Building Code®, International Green Construction Code®, International Swimming Pool Code®, and the International Fire Code®. It is a powerful tool with a simple approach: present the technical requirements of each code alongside detailed commentaries that examine its practical implications and real-world applications. Users will benefit from the clear, straightforward writing style, making it valuable for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of the International Codes. Check out our app, DEWALT® Mobile Pro™. This free app is a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons. To learn more, visit

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Features and Benefits

  • Clear, logical organization of content promotes learning and mastery of topics.
  • Exploration of the historical and technical background of the codes sets the stage for a sound comprehension of the how's and why's of its regulations.
  • Powerful author team includes the International Code Council - the membership organization that develops the codes used to construct residential and commercial buildings.
  • Updated to reflect the 2012 INTERNATIONAL CODES.

What's New

  • Tables, figures, and detailed illustrations highlight and clarify key concepts.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

International Code Council (ICC)

ICC is a leading organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive, coordinated national model construction codes. To date, 48 U.S. states have adopted various international codes from ICC.