Clinical Skills For Speech-Language Pathologists: Practical Applications, 1st Edition

  • Stanley A. Goldberg, Ph.D. Professor Communication Disorders Program, San Francisco State University
  • ISBN-10: 1565936868  |  ISBN-13: 9781565936867
  • 440 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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Dr. Goldberg has presented workshops on clinical skills to enthusiastic audiences throughout the United States and Central Americal. Clinical Skills For Speech-Language Pathologists: Practical Applications, an outgrowth of those workshops, provides a research basis and practical suggestions for developing and using clinical skills that are appropriate to all clients (core) as well as clients from various cultural backgrounds (culturally-specific).

Features and Benefits

  • The first text to provide cross-disciplinary experimental evidence for 295 clinical techniques and behaviors that positively affect the outcome of therapy.
  • Techniques and behaviors are grouped in 42 skills categorized in terms of the sophistication required to use them whether they are either a technical or process-oriented skill.
  • For each technique and behavior, the clinical justification and methods of application are provided.
  • Of special interest to clinicians are the 10 specific strategies that can be used with all clients to facilitate learning, retention, and retrieval of behaviors learned in the clinic.

Table of Contents

SECTION I: INTRODUCTION TO THERAPY: Introduction. Principles Of Change. Culture. SECTION II: FOUNDATION SKILLS: Technical Foundation Skills. Process Foundational Skills. SECTION III: TRANSITIONAL SKILLS: Transitional Technical Skills. Transitional Process Skills. SECTION IV: COMPLEX SKILLS: Complex Technical Skills. Complex Process Skills. SECTION V: SUMMARY: Qualities Of Master Clinicians. Self-Evaluation And Summary. APPENDIX A: RESEARCH INTEREST BIBLIOGRAPHY. APPENDIX B: MULTICULTURAL/BILINGUAL RESOURCES. Bibliography. Index.