Building Math Skills Online for Automotive Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

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Extremely user-friendly and interactive, BUILDING MATH SKILLS ONLINE FOR AUTOMOTIVE - PAC SLIMLINE helps you develop the essential math skills needed to succeed in the automotive industry. This innovative web-based software package quickly assesses your baseline skill levels and then develops a personalized course of study, with lessons and problems targeted to your individual needs and career interests. In addition to providing a strong focus on practical applications for real-world projects, instructional content is correlated to Common Core Standards. This powerful new resource supports your success in the classroom-and in your future career.

Features and Benefits

  • An innovative web-based format makes it easy for students and instructors alike to use this interactive teaching and learning tool within and beyond the classroom.
  • The program's sophisticated diagnostic tests allow instructors to quickly and accurately assess student skill levels to establish baseline general math knowledge, evaluate specific skill sets, or focus on concepts and applications relevant to a specific lesson and course.
  • Based on students' individual abilities and interests, instructors can quickly assign personalized, self-directed courses of study with lessons and problems targeting specific areas to reinforce-freeing up valuable classroom time.
  • In addition to providing effective instruction in fundamental math concepts and operations, the software strongly emphasizes practical, real-world applications-making the material relevant and engaging for students preparing for careers in the automotive industry.
  • Instructional content was developed based on key government and industry standards and research, including certification requirements by national professional groups, Common Core Standards by state-level curriculum consortia, guidelines from National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS), and Department of Education requirements for Perkins 4 funding.
  • An ideal resource for applied and technical math courses or supplement for courses on trades, the software allows instructors to easily integrate relevant math concepts as well as collaborate with colleagues in other areas without sacrificing classroom time or instructional focus.

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