A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers: Tips From the Trenches, 1st Edition

  • Alice Adams
  • Andrew Ryder
  • ISBN-10: 1401810624  |  ISBN-13: 9781401810627
  • 208 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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An employer’s cost to replace a driver ranges from $5,000 to $8,000. Turnover can be prevented and retention increased by developing a driver with the life skills necessary to be successful in their daily working lives. A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers is the only book written for students or experienced drivers that offers, in a straightforward and nonpatronizing style, the practical tips for making life on the road more stress-free and comfortable – both for the driver and his or her family. Until now, drivers usually entered the transportation industry armed with a Commercial Drivers License and perhaps stories and information from friends and family. This new guide not only provides valuable information and invaluable insights into the life of a professional driver, but also offers resources and encouragement for those who keep North America’s commerce moving down the highway. Topics range from Money Management and Professional Improvement to Staying Healthy and Dealing With Stress – presenting advice to make the driver’s life better and happier. This lifestyle guide has a universal application that will appeal to student drivers, company drivers, owner-operators, and also the drivers’ families. A driving school graduate’s chance of landing a good job partly depends on his or her possession of life skills. Good retention tools are needed for the experienced but problem driver. A Survival Guide for Truck Drivers is the one solution for successful drivers.

Features and Benefits

  • Examines many aspects of a trucker's lifestyle, including topics from money management to communication skills to maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road
  • Presents factual information mixed with slice-of-life, inspirational pieces
  • Written in an easy-to-read magazine style, the book can be read when the trucker's or student's busy schedule allows
  • Filled with practical tips for succeeding on the road, making it the perfect addition to any training program

Table of Contents

Making the Transition.
Being an Effective Communicator.
Customer Service: It's Part of the Job.
Sharing the Road.
Training on the Move.
Eating Right: The Key to Your Health.
Getting the Exercise You Need.
Medical Care and Wellness on the Road.
Trucker Skills.
Road Rage: A Deadly Game.
Resolving Conflicts at Work and at Home.
Reassurance: It's a Two-Way Street.
Stress and How to Deal With It.
Keeping the Faith: Religion on the Road.
Staying Close to Your Most Important People.
Managing Your Money.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Alice Adams

Alice Adams is an educator and veteran transportation writer for various national transportation trade publications, as well as for the Houston Chronicle. After serving in academic positions at Odessa College (TX), Houston Community College, and the University of St. Thomas, she has authored several transportation industry books, including texts used in public, private, and proprietary professional driving schools.