Dental Office Management, 1st Edition



This comprehensive book takes readers through the various tasks associated with front office dental procedures, preparing them for the office of the 21st century. Five-sections-the business of dentistry, practice communications, clinical records management, business and financial records management, and employment opportunities-are supported by learning objectives, key terms, and key concepts. Skill building for Success Student Activities (role-plays and problem-solving activities) and Skills Mastery Assessment Post-tests are provided at the end of each chapter (Dental Assisting, Dental Assist., office management)

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a single, up-to-date source on today's dental office management techniques
  • Readers can apply concepts with Skill-building for Success activities
  • Skills Mastery Assessments allow readers to test their knowledge of material

Table of Contents

THE BUSINESS OF DENTISTRY: Introduction to the Dental Team. Legal and Ethical Issues and Responsibilities. Government Regulations and Mandates. PRACTICE COMMUNICATIONS: The Dental Team as Patient Relations Specialists. Practice Marketing. Print Communications. Business Office Communications: Hub of Practice. CLINICAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Dental Terminology and Tooth Identification. Charting the Oral Cavity. BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL RECORDS MANAGEMENT: Setting Up the Patient Records. Scheduling to Optimize Practice Efficiency. Managing Accounts Receivable. Managing Accounts Payable. Supply Ordering and Inventory Control. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Seeking Employment. REFERENCES. GLOSSARY. INDEX.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon

Ellen Dietz-Bourguignon, CDA, AAS, BS is an Associate Degreed CDA and has a BS in Allied Health Education in Dental Auxiliary Utilization. Ellen also holds a Community College Teaching Certificate from Suny Albany, has been Managing Editor of Dental Assisting Magazine, and has published ten books, including Dental Office Management and Safety Standards and Infection Control for Dental Assistants, both which are Thomson Delmar Learning textbooks.