The Long Reformation, 1st Edition

  • Jeffrey Watt University of Mississippi
  • ISBN-10: 0618435778  |  ISBN-13: 9780618435777
  • 272 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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Part of the Problems in European Civilization series, this volume includes secondary-source essays organized around the major controversies and interpretations of Reformation history, including The "Successes" of the Reformation and The Reformation of Rituals, with an emphasis on how the effects of the Reformation unfolded over time. The text is suitable for upper-level courses focused exclusively on the Reformation, as well as courses in Western Civilization, early modern Europe, or Renaissance history. Pedagogical tools include chapter introductions, timelines, illustrations, maps, and suggested readings.

Table of Contents

I. The Theory of Confessionalization
1. Reinhard, Wolfgang. "Pressures towards Confessionalization? Prolegomena to a Theory of the Confessional Age"
2. Kaplan, Benjamin J. Calvinists and Libertines: Confession and Community in Utrecht 1578-1620
3. Farr, James R. "Confessionalization and Social Discipline in France, 1530-1685"
4. Forster, Marc R. "With and Without Confessionalization: Varieties of Early Modern German Catholicism"
II. Popular Religion
1. Delumeau, Jean."Christianization"
2. Scribner, Robert W. "The Reformation, Popular Magic, and the 'Disenchantment of the World'"
3. Duffy, Eamon. "Elizabeth"
4. Nalle, Sara T. "God in La Mancha: Religious Reform and the People of Cuenca, 1500-1650"
5. Watt, Tessa. "Cheap Print and Popular Piety, 1550-1640"
III. The Reformation of Rituals
1. Kingdon, Robert M. "The Genevan Revolution in Public Worship"
2. Cressy, David. "Purification, Thanksgiving, and the Churching of Women"
3. Karant-Nunn, Susan. "Repentance, Confession, and the Lord's Table: Separating the Divine from the Human"
4. Muir, Edward. "The Reformation as Ritual Process"
IV. The Reformation and Gender
1. Wiesner-Hanks, Merry. "The Reformation of the Women."
2. Roper, Lyndal. "'The Common Man,' 'The Common Good,' 'Common Women': Gender and Meaning in the German Reformation Commune"
3. Zarri, Gabriella. "From Prophecy to Discipline, 1450-1650" Translated by Keith Botsford.
4. Cohen, Sherrill. "Asylums for Women in Counter-Reformation Italy"
5. Watt, Jeffrey. "The Impact of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation"
V. The "Success" of the Reformation
1. Strauss, Gerald. "Success and Failure in the German Reformation"
2. Dixon, C. Scott. "The Reformation and Rural Society: The Parishes of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach, 1528-1603"
3. Parker, Geoffrey. "Success and Failure During the First Century of the Reformation"
4. Benedict, Philip. "New Calvinist Men and Women?"
Suggestions for Further Reading