Double Your Haircolor Income in 30 Days!, 1st Edition

  • Mark Foley Mark D. Foley Enterprises Ltd, Calgary, Alberta
  • ISBN-10: 1401844618  |  ISBN-13: 9781401844615
  • 224 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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This book provides solutions to the problem many professional hair designers face by not having learned to effectively package themselves and their services for top earnings. Moderate income will be a thing of the past when these merchandising, promotion, consultation and pricing ideas are put into action. The 10 years the author has spent uncovering the secrets of top-earning professionals will create financial gain in 30 days or less. Salon professionals regard this book as the most practical information fueling their success.

Features and Benefits

  • Business tracking charts help calculate precisely how much extra money is being made
  • Powerful salon menu and pricing ideas promote the packaging of services to generate more revenue
  • Exact presentation strategies during consultations lead to more client purchasing
  • Merchandising techniques help put the silent salesman to work
  • Haircolor promotions help increase market share and client spending
  • Guidance on creating a Color Department will position the salon as the place to go for professional coloring

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Age of Haircolor.
Chapter 2: Planning to Build Your Haircolor Business.
Chapter 3: Positioning Yourself and Your Salon For Haircolor.
Chapter 4: Primary Haircolor Merchandising Tactics.
Chapter 5: Printing Your Haircolor Identity.
Chapter 6: Preparing Your Salon Menu.
Chapter 7: Promoting Haircolor Profitably.
Chapter 8: Powerful Visual Merchandising of Haircolor.
Chapter 9: Proven Promotions To Use For Haircolor Income Growth.
Chapter 10: Persuading Guests Into Haircoloring.
Chapter 11: Pursuing Color Clientele.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Mark Foley

One of North America's premier salon consultants, Mark D. Foley travels nationwide giving speeches and seminars on professional salon marketing and management techniques. An experienced salon owner with his own success story he has also distinguished himself as a US National Championship Speaker. He is currently the owner of Mark D. Foley Enterprises Ltd.