Portrait and Model of a School Counselor, 1st Edition

  • John M. Littrell Colorado State University
  • Jean S. Peterson Purdue University
  • ISBN-10: 0618333312  |  ISBN-13: 9780618333318
  • 224 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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Designed to supplement any school counseling course, this text profiles elementary school counselor Claudia Vangstad--her vision, identity, beliefs, capabilities, and behaviors within the context of her school and community. The authors used Vangstad's experience to construct a model of a school counselor-in-action and provide a broad framework for thinking and working like one. The authors hope to encourage students to evaluate their own beliefs through the study of this example.

Table of Contents

I. Building a Model of Excellence in School Counseling
1. Listening to a School Counselor's Stories
2. A Model of Excellence in School Counseling
II. Ground the Self
3. Understanding Self
4. Understanding Change
III. Realizing a Vision
5. Reading a School Culture
6. Acting Contextually
7. Designing a Developmental Curriculum
8. Guiding Students in Classrooms
9. Facilitating Groups
10. Counseling Individuals
11. Building Partnerships
12. Advocating for Children
IV. Staying the Course
13. Planning, Organizing, and Persevering
14. Ensuring Comprehensive Renewal
V. Taking the Next Steps
15. Adapting and Using the Model

Meet the Author

Author Bio

John M. Littrell

John M. Littrell, Ph.D., is the author of thirty-plus articles and five chapters in professional journals and books. During a Faculty Improvement Leave during the 1985-86 academic year, Dr. Littrell was a Fulbright Professor in Malaysia. His current area of interest is brief counseling, a way of speeding up the process of change. Dr. Littrell has presented twenty-five national and international brief counseling workshops for the American Counseling Association. Recently, he authored Brief Counseling in Action and produced five brief counseling videotapes. Currently, he is coauthoring a research-based book, Counselor as Educational Leader: Transforming a School Culture, based on an analysis of an outstanding elementary school counselor. In his spare time, he writes short-story mysteries based on famous counselors and therapists who solve murders that occur in their practice. Freud's story is titled Death on the Analyst's Couch.