IPC2, 2nd Edition

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  • Richard West Emerson College
  • Lynn H. Turner Marquette University
  • ISBN-10: 1285077083  |  ISBN-13: 9781285077086
  • 272 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2012
  • © 2016 | Published
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Created through a “student-tested, faculty-approved” review process, IPC is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today’s learners.

Features and Benefits

  • The key defining feature of this text is a true blend of theory with skills. Each chapter opens with a scenario in that illustrates the concepts presented in that chapter. This serves to put the concepts in context before the student even begins to work through the material.
  • Closely related to this idea of theory and research is this idea of making choices. As individuals we are constantly making communication choices that have direct effects on our lives. The text will highlight this idea of choices throughout a definitive text and technology feature.
  • An innovative combination of content delivery both in print and online provides a core text and a wealth of comprehensive multimedia teaching and learning assets based on input from student focus groups and surveys, and from interviews with faculty and students.
  • Shorter, comprehensive chapters in a modern design present content in a more engaging and accessible format without minimizing coverage for your course.
  • Chapter in Review Cards at the back of the Student Editions provide students with a portable study tool containing all of the pertinent information for class preparation.
  • Instructor Prep Cards at the back of the Instructor’s Edition make preparation simple with detachable cards for each chapter, offering a quick map of chapter content, a list of corresponding PowerPoint and video resources, additional examples, and suggested assignments and discussion questions to help you organize chapter content efficiently.
  • A full suite of unique learning tools that appeal to different learning styles is available to students with the purchase of a new book. Quizzes, video podcasts, and more are only a click away.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.
2. Communication, Culture, and Identity.
3. Communication, Perception, and the Self.
4. Communicating Verbally.
5. Communicating Nonverbally.
6. Listening and Responding Effectively.
7. Communicating and Emotion.
8. Sharing Personal Information.
9. Communicating Conflict.
10. Communicating in Close Relationships.
11. Communicating in Context: Families, Friends, and Romantic Partners.

What's New

  • Updated to reflect the proliferation of new research in interpersonal communication, IPC2 includes nearly 250 new references from the past two years as well as discussion of numerous social media platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, Hotmail, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, among others.
  • IPC2 introduces several new features in each chapter that address interpersonal communications in the workplace/careers and in the wider community, and illustrate communication theories relatable with examples.
  • A new chapter on “Family, Close Friends, and Romantic Partners” discusses family history, types of families in modern society, friendships and their stages and the impact that culture has on each of these.
  • IPC2 has been updated with the latest information on immigration and diversity in the U.S.; communication and technology, including information overload and issues related to the explosion of online communication and social media; and updated research on violence and bullying.
  • CourseMate for IPC2 has been ENHANCED with a practice quiz generator to help students prepare for tests. This new practice quiz provides a ten question quick randomly drawn from a large bank of questions, so students never get the same quiz twice. Also, a variety of NEW trackable activities provides your students the opportunity to expand their knowledge with higher-level activities, while providing you easy access to data and reports on their progress and where they need more help through Engagement Tracker.

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CourseMate, 1 term (6 months) with InfoTrac® College Edition 1-Semester Instant Access  (ISBN-10: 1285855256 | ISBN-13: 9781285855257)

CourseMate brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook.

List Price = $69.95  | CengageBrain Price = $69.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $69.95

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Richard West

Rich West is Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Emerson College in Boston. At Emerson, he served as the Department Chair for several years, as the Acting Director of the Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies, and as the Project Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. He is past President of the Eastern Communication Association, where he received the Past Officer’s Award and was recognized as a "Distinguished Research Fellow" in the Association. Rich is also the former Director of NCA’s Educational Policies Board. Both Illinois State University (B.A./M.A.) and Ohio University (Ph.D.) have recognized him as an Outstanding Alum in Communication Studies. He has written extensively in the area of classroom communication and has been recognized as a "Leading Scholar" in Classroom Communication by the Communication Institute for Online Scholarship. Together, Rich and Lynn have co-authored 5 books in multiple editions. They are also co-editors of both the Handbook of Family Communication and The Family Communication Sourcebook, which won the National Communication Association’s Outstanding Book Award from the Family Communication Division. In addition, Rich and Lynn are the recipients of the Bernard J. Brommel Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Service in Family Communication. They have also both served as President of the National Communication Association.

Lynn H. Turner

Lynn H. Turner is Professor in Communication Studies at Marquette University, and former chair of the department. Lynn received her B.A from University of Illinois, her M.A. from University of Iowa and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University. At Marquette she currently teaches interpersonal communication at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, among other courses. Additionally, she directs Marquette’s interdisciplinary family studies minor. Her research areas of emphasis include interpersonal, gender, and family communication. She is the co-author or co-editor of over 10 books as well as many articles and book chapters. Her articles have appeared in several journals including: Management Communication Quarterly, Journal of Applied Communication Research, Women and Language, and Western Journal of Communication. Her books include: From the Margins to the Center: Contemporary Women and Political Communication (co-authored with Patricia Sullivan; Praeger, 1996; recipient of the 1997 Best Book Award from the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender), Gender in Applied Communication Contexts (co-edited with Patrice Buzzanell and Helen Sterk), She has been honored by the OSCLG as one of the outstanding women in communication.