Digital Food Photography, 1st Edition

  • Lou Manna
  • ISBN-10: 1592008208  |  ISBN-13: 9781592008209
  • 312 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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Great food always elicits strong reactions-the smell of freshly baked bread, the taste of a perfectly prepared steak. The job of a food photographer is to elicit that same mouth-watering reaction, but without the benefit of scent or taste. A well-shot photograph can send crowds flocking to a new restaurant or boost the sales of a culinary magazine. Capturing the perfect image requires a trained eye, finesse, and photographic skill. Digital Food Photography gives you the ingredients to cook up your own recipe for success-with professional lighting techniques, composition, food and prop styling, retouching, and tricks of the trade. You'll learn how digital photography combines teamwork, creativity, and technology, and how to make money creating delectable works of photographic art.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated for today's digital technology, this book is useful to both professional as well as amateur photographers interested in the realm of food photography.
  • Combines art and business aspects and techniques of this commercial photography area with tips on how to get started, succeed, and remain successful.
  • Features beautiful full-color photos to help you visualize how to make your subjects look appetizing and appealing in any situation.
  • Covers the necessary business skills and flexibility you must possess in order to meet various demands.
  • Written by an expert in the areas of photography, food styling, and digital media.

Table of Contents

1. The Key Ingredient: Pixels
2. Digital Photography: The Necessities
3. Who''s Digesting It: Advertising, Packaging, Public Relations, and the Media
4. Who''s Doing the Cooking: Working with Food Stylists
5. Prop Styling: Who''s Doing the Shopping?
6. Grabbing Your Attention: Composition
7. The Recipe for Light
8. The Digital Spice: Retouching
9. Get Cooking and Make Some Money: Getting into the Business

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Lou Manna

Lou Manna is an award-winning Olympus visionary photographer whose work has appeared in national ad campaigns, major magazines, and more than 30 cookbooks. After shooting for the New York Times from 1975 to 1990, he went on to establish his own Fifth Avenue studio, where he works with corporate, advertising, and restaurant clients to create photos that can only be described as "exquisite." Lou is the author of DIGITAL FOOD PHOTGRAPHY, the only book on the art of food photography devoted exclusively to digital technology. Craig Clairborne, restaurant critic and food writer for the New York Times, said, "The important thing about being a real photographer is not only having a great lens, but having a feeling of warmth, collaborating, and bringing out the best of a subject. It requires a sense of style and a feeling of creative arrangement--Lou is marvelous at this."