Success Skills: Strategies for Study and Lifelong Learning, 3rd Edition

  • Marks-Beale
  • ISBN-10: 0538729635  |  ISBN-13: 9780538729635
  • 432 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2002, 1994
  • © 2007 | Published
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SUCCESS SKILLS focuses on how to learn; thinking and communication skills; and technology and information management. Users learn success strategies required in today's academic and workplace environments. The five key areas of this text include: learning how to learn; becoming an active reader; listening, memory, and note-taking mastery; testing and critical thinking skills; and information gathering, research and writing skills. SUCCESS SKILLS positions learners to be successful in today's multifaceted workplace.

Features and Benefits

  • Net Bookmark provides weblinks with instructions to take the learner beyond the book.
  • Case Studies connect academics and workplace to provide more interdisciplinary instruction.
  • Focus on Ethics provide situational workplace dilemmas and ethical instruction.
  • Focus on Technology highlights using technology in today's workplace to broaden user's knowledge of various technologies.

Table of Contents

1. Learning by Doing.
2. Discovering Your Learning Styles.
3. Creating Concentration.
4. Learning Time Management.
5. Studying Smart.
6. Taking Notes from Lecture.
7. Taking Notes From Reading Material.
8. Improving Reading Comprehension.
9. Revving Up Your Reading.
10. Mastering Tests.
11. Using Your Critical and Creative Mind.
12. Reading and Researching Online.
13. Writing in the Real World.

What's New

  • Updated technology in the Annotated Instructor's Edition keeps the course current.
  • New, friendlier internal design with chapter goals and terms at the beginning of the chapter to increase student attention and desire to explore the material.
  • Check points placed strategically throughout the chapter to reinforce comprehension and to add overlap of instruction via quick review.
  • Net Bookmark provides weblinks with instructions to take the learner beyond the book.
  • Case Studies connect academics and workplace to provide more interdisciplinary instruction.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 0538729716 | ISBN-13: 9780538729710)

This CD contains links to recommended Web Sites and Online resources, PowerPoint Presentations for each chapter, Practice Tests for Chapter 10, course management information, and printable versions of the Chapter Review Questions and Chapter Self-Checks.

ExamView®  (ISBN-10: 0538729724 | ISBN-13: 9780538729727)

Create quizzes, study guides, and tests easily and quickly with ExamView. This computerized testing tool allows you to create paper and online tests and is ideal for building tests, worksheets, and study guides (practice tests). This assessment solution saves time while creating and grading tests, and improves student results by focusing on specific learning objectives.

Annotated Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 0538729694 | ISBN-13: 9780538729697)

The Annotated Instructor's Edition previews the features that save you time and help students learn and demonstrates how to integrate our powerful supplements into your curriculum. The answers to the questions from the text appear on an overprint of the student edition.

Meet the Author

Author Bio


Abby Marks Beale is the founder of The Corporate Educator (formerly The Reading Edge), a speaking and training business that specializes in helping busy people work smarter, faster, and just plain better. She is also the creator of "Rev It Up Reading," a popular open enrollment workshop that helps experienced readers get up to speed with what they read. Her extensive client list includes Fortune 500 companies, associations, schools, government agencies, and individuals. She is a member of the ASCD Faculty (Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development), an exclusive team of expert consultants who craft, design, and deliver individualized professional development programs for educators. Abby is also the author of 10 Days to Faster Reading (Warner Books, 2001). Abby holds a B.A. in Spanish from Boston University and an M.S. in Adult Learning from Southern Connecticut State University. For more information, log on to Abby's web site at