Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellness: Theory, Programs and Treatments, 1st Edition

  • Richard Eidson
  • ISBN-10: 1418049298  |  ISBN-13: 9781418049294
  • 413 Pages
  • © 2009 | Published
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Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellness: Theory Programs & Treatments written by Richard Eidson, deals with the complete and practical understanding of the nature and principles of water. Hydrotherapy means water therapy and water is life giving, healing and restorative, with far reaching health benefits. This ancient technique and its treatments can be used by massage therapists, estheticians, and cosmetologists alike. Based on new developments in several areas, hydrotherapy is now used in the modern spa, medical spa, and wellness center. Treatments help clients feel healthy, improve and prevent overall health problems including mental health and enhance personal appearances such as anti-aging.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers information needed to develop a complete hydrotherapy program in spa and wellness centers
  • Gives an advanced model of anatomy and physiology that explains hydrotherapy in modern scientific terms
  • Presents a relevant history and future of hydrotherapy
  • Covers all topics of hydrotherapy education necessary for a therapist to perform hydrotherapy treatments
  • Contains pertinent websites that correspond directly with the book
  • Features several treatments that are easy to implement and do not require expensive equipment

Efficacy and Outcomes


" is very valuable in terms of its detail on physiology as too many therapists have little understanding of the human body and the effects of treatments."

— Cathy Fournier

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Richard Eidson

Richard Eidson teaches Transcendental Meditation and writes extensively on hydrotherapy and the healthy effects of such teachings. He is a consultant for new spas ownership, offering suggestions for various types of massages to offer within a complete spa package.