Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX, 2nd Edition

  • Allen Sherrod DeVry University
  • ISBN-10: 1584505591  |  ISBN-13: 9781584505594
  • 496 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2006
  • © 2009 | Published
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Make your own games using DirectX 10 and C++ with Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX, Second Edition. Written for experienced programmers who want to learn DirectX 10 and how to apply it to game creation, this book goes in-depth with DirectX 10 and each of its subsystems. Every part of the gamedevelopment process is covered and you’ll apply your existing game-development skills to the new techniques and tools covered in the book. Beginning with an introduction to DirectX and Direct3D, you’ll work your way through graphical interfaces, animation paths,advanced lighting and shadows,various surfacemapping techniques, and even sound. One topic is covered per chapter and end-of-chapter questions help you practice and reinforce your new skills.Whether you’re a current gamedevelopment student or a professional developer, you’ll find the information and techniques you need to gain a clear understanding of game programming with DirectX 10.

Features and Benefits

  • Teaches aspiring game programmers the fundamentals of DirectX game development.
  • Provides coverage of scene management topics rarely covered in books for C++ programmers and aspiring game
  • Covers animation techniques rarely ever touched in any books and will also go into great detail on their
  • Includes a companion CD-ROM with all chapter source code, media, and executable files for the entire book.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Introduction to Direct3D 10
Chapter 3 Shader Model 4.0
Chapter 4 Shading and Surfaces
Chapter 5 Advance Texture Mapping
Chapter 6 Game Math
Chapter 7 Direct Sound
Chapter 8 XACT Audio
Chapter 9 Direct Input and XINPUT
Chapter 10 3D Models
Chapter 11 Animations
Chapter 12 Introduction to Lighting
Chapter 13 Advance Lighting
Chapter 14 Shadows
Chapter 15 Creating a Top-Down Shooter
Chapter 16 Conclusions
Appendix A Resources
Appendix B Answers to Chapter Questions

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Allen Sherrod

Allen Sherrod is an experienced author in the field of video game development. Allen's past works include two editions of Ultimate Game Programming with DirectX, Ultimate 3D Game Engine Design and Architecture, Game Graphics Programming, and Data Structures and Algorithms for Game Developers. Allen has also contributed to the Game Developer's Magazine, the Game Programming Gems 6 book, to the website, and is the creator of