Safe & Secure: Protecting Your Kids in the Digital Age, 1st Edition

  • Katherine Murray
  • ISBN-10: 130540629X  |  ISBN-13: 9781305406292
  • 85 Pages
  • © 2015 | Published
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SAFE & SECURE: KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE IN THE DIGITAL AGE gives you a wealth of practical information to help keep your kids safe as they use today’s technology. Part I guides you through the process of setting the foundations for your children’s online safety, exploring family safety tools and resources, and having important conversations about online and device safety with your kids. Part II focuses on specific topics in online safety, including safeguarding privacy, avoiding scams, playing games securely, staying safe on social media sites, being smart about texting and video chats, and taking action to prevent and, if necessary, respond to online bullying. The book’s appendix offers practical resources you can turn to for more help and information. Learn the ins and outs of protecting your family online, with SAFE & SECURE: KEEPING YOUR KIDS SAFE IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers web and mobile-device safety.
  • Includes information on protecting privacy.
  • Features how-to information on dealing with online bullying.

Table of Contents

1. Starting Where We Are: The Upside and Downside of Digital Living.
2. Online Safety 101 for Parents: The Non-Negotiables.
3. Agreeing on Web and Smartphone Safety.
4. Using Your PC's Family Safety Tools.
5. Exploring Family Safety Options for Mobile Devices.
6. Protecting Kids' Privacy.
7. Staying Smarter Than the Scammers.
8. Games the Way They're Meant to be Played (Safely).
9. Keeping It Real (and Having Fun) with Social Media.
10. Staying Safe with Texting & Video Chats.
11. Preventing and Responding to Online Bullying.
Appendix A: Safe & Secure Online: Parent and Child Checklists.
Appendix B: Safe & Secure on Mobile Devices: Parent and Child Checklists.
Appendix C: Advocacy Organizations and Online Training.
Appendix D: For More Information.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Katherine Murray

Katherine Murray has been writing how-to books for more than 25 years, focusing on digital lifestyle, business, and parenting topics. She’s fascinated with the ways technology can help us stay in touch with those we love, explore new worlds and interests, and advocate for causes we care about. She believes that educating ourselves about the risks and communicating clearly about expectations helps us make good choices that enable our families to enjoy the best of today’s technology while mitigating the risks. In addition to her writing, Katherine has a master’s degree in pastoral care and counseling and works with patients and families in a hospice setting.