Crisis and Trauma, 1st Edition

  • Barbara G. Collins East Stroudsburg University
  • Thomas M. Collins University of Scranton
  • ISBN-10: 0618373713  |  ISBN-13: 9780618373710
  • 592 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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This text introduces students to the fundamental concepts of crisis theory and practice, and provides models for single-session intervention and ongoing crisis counseling. Students learn to incorporate assessment into intervention, using the unique ABCDE model, Affective responses, Behavioral responses, Cognitive responses, Developmental assessment, Ecological assessment. Students learn to use this holistic framework for viewing individual responses to crisis events such as sexual assault, domestic violence, substance abuse, and death.

Table of Contents

1. Understanding Crisis and Crisis Intervention
Crisis and Crisis Theory
Development of Crisis Intervention Methods and Services
Crisis Assessment and Intervention: Multiple Models
2. Assessment: A Developmental-Ecological Perspective
Overview of Developmental-Ecological Perspective
Assessing Crisis Reactions: A Developmental-Ecological Model
3. Crisis Intervention: A Developmental-Ecological Approach
Single-Session Crisis Counseling
Ongoing Crisis Counseling
4. Crisis Intervention Competence
Characteristics of Competent Crisis Counselors
Characteristics of Effective Crisis Intervention
Crisis Intervention Skills
5. The Continuum of Crisis Response: Diagnosis and Lethality
Adjustment Disorders
Anxiety Responses
Depressive Mood Responses
Psychotic Responses
Danger to Self
Single-Session Crisis Counseling with Suicidal Individuals
Danger to Others
Single-Session Crisis Counseling with Aggressive or Violent Individuals
Case Example: Single-Session Crisis Intervention
6. Sexual Assault
(Barbara G. Collins)
The Incidence and Prevalence of Sexual Assault
Defining Rape
Types of Rapes
Dispelling Myths About Rape
The Impact of Rape
Single-Session Crisis Counseling
Crisis Intervention with Families and Partners
Ongoing Crisis Counseling for Sexual Assault Survivors
Case Example: Wendy
7. Battery, Control, and Power in Intimate Relationships: Designing Crisis Intervention
(Mollie Whalen)
Defining Violence in Intimate Relationships
Types of Violence and Control
Patterns of Violence
Dispelling Myths About Domestic Violence
Differential Experiences of Specific Groups
Barriers to Leaving an Abusive Relationship
The Impact of Abusive Relationships
Crisis Intervention with Battered Women
Single-Session Crisis Counseling
Ongoing Crisis Counseling with Battered Women
Comparison of Single Sessions and Ongoing Counseling
Case Example: Mandy
8. Substance Abuse
(Ford Brooks; Thomas M. Collins)
Characteristics of Addiction
Terms Used in Addiction Counseling
Myths of Addiction
Developmental Models of Recovery
Twelve-Step Support Groups
The Continuum of Care
The Crisis of Addiction
Single-Session Crisis Intervention: Substance Abuse and Addiction
Ongoing Crisis Counseling for Substance Abuse
Case Example: Connor
9. Chronic and Terminal Illness
(Elizabeth J. Jacob; Thomas M. Collins)
Defining Chronic Illness
Crisis Intervention
Single-Session Crisis Intervention in Health Crises
Ongoing Crisis Counseling for Patients with a Chronic or Terminal Illness
Personal Responses to Health Crises
Case Example: Jane
10. The Crisis of Death
(John W. Kraybill-Greggo; Marcella Kraybill-Greggo; Thomas M. Collins)
Definitions of Terms
Process Models of Grief
Factors Affecting Reactions to Loss
Types of Losses
Developmental Aspects of Grief
Spirituality and the Crisis of Death
Single-Session Crisis Counseling
Ongoing Crisis Counseling
Case Example: Marlene
11. Crisis Intervention with Abused Children
(Michele A. Tavormina)
Physical and Sexual Abuse Defined
Prevalence of Child Abuse
Dynamics and Impact
Single-Session Crisis Intervention
Ongoing Crisis Counseling with Children
Case Example: Casey
12. School-based Crises
(LeeAnn Eschbach)
School as a Context for Crisis
Crises in Schools
Who Provides Crisis Intervention in Schools?
Dynamics and Impact of Crises in Schools
Crisis Intervention
Single-Session Crisis Intervention
Ongoing Crisis Counseling
Case Example: Molly
13. Crisis Intervention and Disaster Trauma
Barbara G. Collins)
Impact on Survivors
Crisis Intervention with Disaster Survivors
Single-Session Crisis Intervention
Ongoing Crisis Counseling with Disaster Survivors
Case Example: World Trade Center Disaster, by Joann Packer
14. Helping the Helpers: Avoiding Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Secondary Traumatic Stress
Case Example: Marcus
Secondary Traumatic Stress and Vicarious Traumatization
On a Positive Note: Compassion Satisfaction and Work Fulfillment
A Caregiver''s Reflection on September 11, by Grace Telesco