Medical Assisting Exam Review Online, Institutional Version, 1st Edition

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Improve your score and lower your test-taking stress! Medical Assisting Exam Review Online features personalized study plans, exam subject reviews, practice questions, and detailed explanations of answers. Diagnostic pre-tests help you determine where you currently stand and how much preparation you need before taking your certification exam. A timed final post-test simulates the actual exam and what the exam experience will feel like. Whether you're preparing for the CMA, RMA, or CMAS exam, Medical Assisting Exam Review Online can help you ace succeed. Delmar is a part of Cengage Learning.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely online, your students can prepare for their exam anytime, anywhere.
  • Personalized study plans help your students determine what they know, and what areas they need to spend more time on.
  • Video, graphics, and animations.
  • Test scoring includes explanations for right and wrong answer choices, and immediate feedback is given on practice quizzes.
  • Instructor Console features the ability to distribute and view pre-tests, and prepare reports showing scores and usage by individual or by class.

Table of Contents

1. Medical Terminology.
2. Anatomy & Physiology.
3. Health Care Law.
4. Health Care Ethics.
5. Human Development & Therapeutic Relations.
6. Information Processing.
7. Document Processing & Management.
8. Reception
9. Medical Practice Financial Management.
10. Medical Coding.
11. Medical Insurance.
12. Miscellaneous Administrative Functions.
13. Patient Preparation, Vitals, and Documentation
14. The Physical Examination.
15. Nutrition.
16. Specialty Procedures: ECG, Radiography, and Physical Therapy.
17. Surgical Care.
18. Pharmacology & Drug Therapy.
19. First Aid & CPR.
20. Laboratory Analysis.
21. Urinalysis, Serology & Chemistry.
22. Hematology.
23. Microbiology.

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