Practical Problems in Mathematics for Drafting & CAD, 3rd Edition



This fully updated edition of Practical Problems in Mathematics for Drafting and CAD features contemporary drafting problems, CAD drawings, and industry applications and practices-essential information designed to enhance the math skills of students concentrating their studies in the field of drafting. A comprehensive compilation of integrated math problems and CAD operations facilitates critical thinking, problem solving, and basic mathematics literacy. Real-world, everyday applications include use of a scientific calculator to solve math problems in drafting and CAD. Examples and figures cover a range of skills and levels of difficulty, and math principles provide a challenge for a variety of ability levels.

Features and Benefits

  • The fully revised third edition features many new problems and values that reflect current and emerging drafting and CAD technologies
  • The concepts presented are geared toward enhancing a reader's mathematical skills in virtually any drafting field
  • Illustrative problems presented in the book emphasize realistic applications
  • CAD terminology and operations are integrated for an approach that is current with today's technology and practices
  • Coverage is designed to increase familiarity with the concepts and language needed to accurately prepare working drawings

Table of Contents

Whole Numbers
Common Fractions
Decimal Fractions
Percent, Averages, and Estimating
Ration and Proportion
Applied Algebra
Applied Geometry
Applied Trigonometry

Meet the Author

Author Bio

John Larkin

Dr. John Larkin recently retired as Professor Emeritus of Technology Education from Central Connecticut State University, where he was an experienced drafting and CAD instructor. He is still active in numerous professional organizations. Dr. Larkin earned his doctorate from the University of Maryland.