Online ASE Technician Test Preparation (TTP) Truck Series: T7 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, 1st Edition



Gain the expertise required to pass the T1 through T8 ASE exams! This total online solution is both an ideal self-study guide and test preparation tool, enhancing the learning process to ensure that users are 100% prepared to pass each ASE exam. Three different study modes are featured: pre-test with remediation, practice tests with no remediation, and a timed realistic ASE-type test. Engaging video clips, animations, and graphics stimulate interest, while practice questions provide helpful hints, in-depth explanations of both right and wrong answers, plus links to supplemental readings for each task area to ensure mastery. Sample tests are also included, enabling users to gain experience in answering ASE-style questions while simulating actual test-taking conditions and gauging their readiness for the exams.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Secure access through any Web-enabled computer plus free technical support make this online solution easy to use anytime and anywhere.
  • A complete task list, including an overview of each task, augments learning.
  • Practice questions provide helpful hints, insight to right and wrong answers, and links to further study specific task areas.
  • Individuals can track their scores by ASE task, by test, or by question, and can create personalized test banks and generate their own progress reports.
  • Trainers and educators can set goals fairly and objectively by examining results at the individual-, class-, or test-level and comparing average scores to those of learners system-wide.
  • A single training director or administrator can easily track average and/or raw scores at the shop-level, by region, or system-wide to gain a measure of learning achievement and program effectiveness.
  • Subscription provides one year of full access.