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International Financial Management, 10th Edition

  • Jeff Madura Florida Atlantic University
  • ISBN-10: 1439038333  |  ISBN-13: 9781439038338
  • 752 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2008, 2006, 2003
  • © 2010 | Published
  • Newer Edition Available
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INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, builds on fundamental principles of corporate finance to provide the information and insights students need to succeed in today’s dynamic global business environment. This thorough text includes a detailed introduction to the world of international finance, in which multinational corporations continue to expand and play an increasingly important role in global commerce. The text then focuses on a wide range of managerial topics from a corporate perspective, combining in-depth coverage of essential financial theory with a strong emphasis on hands-on, real-world applications. Known for its reader-friendly style and clear explanations, INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, Tenth Edition, gives students the tools to understand and manage within the exciting field of international finance.

Features and Benefits

  • A diagram at the beginning of each part of the text illustrates, in general terms, how key concepts are related, while lists of objectives open each chapter, giving students a useful preview of upcoming material to help guide their reading and studying.
  • Key features and topics are highlighted throughout the text for convenient reference, including coverage of international corporate governance and websites with useful information related to key concepts.
  • Internet and Excel® exercises throughout the text introduce students to relevant information and resources online and guide them to use spreadsheets to apply important concepts.
  • A "Self Test" at the end of each chapter allows students to evaluate their understanding of key concepts, while midterm and final xams, covering macro and market condition chapters and managerial chapters, respectively, facilitate a more comprehensive review.
  • Point/Counterpoint exercises stimulate critical thinking by introducing a controversial topic, presenting two opposing views, and challenging students to decide which opinion they support and to explain their reasoning.

Table of Contents

1. Multinational Financial Management: An Overview.
2. International Flow of Funds.
3. International Financial Markets.
Appendix 3: Investing in International Financial Markets.
4. Exchange Rate Determination.
5. Currency Derivatives.
Appendix 5: Currency Option Pricing.
Integrative Problem for Part I.
6. Government Influence on Exchange Rates.
Appendix 6: Government Intervention on the Asian Crisis.
7. International Arbitrage and Interest Rate Parity.
8. Relationships between Inflation, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates.
Integrative Problem for Part II.
9. Forecasting Exchange Rates.
10. Measuring Exposure to Exchange Rate Fluctuations.
Appendix 10: Estimating the Variability of a Currency Portfolio.
11. Managing Transaction Exposure.
12. Managing Economic Exposure and Translation Exposure.
Integrative Problem for Part III.
13. Direct Foreign Investment.
14. Multinational Capital Budgeting.
Appendix 14: Incorporating International Tax Laws in Multinational Capital Budgeting.
15. International Corporate Governance and Control.
16. Country Risk Analysis.
17. Multinational Cost of Capital and Capital Structure.
Appendix 17: The Capital Structure Puzzle for Multinational Corporations.
18. Long-Term Financing.
Integrative Problem for Part IV.
19. Financing International Trade.
20. Short-Term Financing.
21. International Cash Management.
Appendix 21: Investing in a Portfolio of Currencies.
Integrative Problem for Part V.
Appendix A: Answers to Self Test Questions.
Appendix B: Supplemental Cases.
Appendix C: Using Excel to Conduct Analysis.
Appendix D: International Investing Project.
Appendix E: Discussion in the Boardroom.

What's New

  • The tenth edition features extensive updates throughout the text, including coverage of the ongoing global financial and credit crises, which are highlighted for easy reference.
  • New "Credit Crisis" term paper suggestions at the end of Chapter One invite students to begin exploring key concepts within a practical and immediately relevant context.
  • A special section at the end of each chapter includes references students can use to find additional information on topics of interest or areas where they could benefit from further study.
  • Questions and Applications to conclude each chapter have been expanded and revised, giving students a variety of timely and relevant exercises and examples to help them master and apply course material.
  • The text now includes a new exchange rate trends list, providing additional emphasis on this important aspect of international finance.


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The ExamView® testing software contains all of the questions in the Test Bank. This software gives instructors the ability to create tests by adding or editing preexisting questions, instructions, and answers. Tests can also be created randomly by specifying the number or difficulty of questions desired. ExamView® is only available on the Instructor’s Resource CD-ROM.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Jeff Madura

Jeff Madura serves as the SunTrust Bank Professor of Finance at Florida Atlantic University. The recipient of multiple awards for excellence in teaching and research, Dr. Madura has written several successful finance texts, including FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS. His research on international finance has been published in numerous journals, including JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS; JOURNAL OF MONEY, CREDIT AND BANKING; FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT; JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH; and FINANCIAL REVIEW. Dr. Madura has served as a consultant for international banks, securities firms, and other multinational corporations. In addition, he is a former director of the Eastern Finance Association and a former director and president of the Southern Finance Association. He earned his B.S. and M.A. from Northern Illinois University and his D.B.A. from Florida State University.