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Communication for the Workplace, 1st Edition

  • Thomas L. Means
  • ISBN-10: 053872322X  |  ISBN-13: 9780538723220
  • 535 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published



Communication for the Workplace connects students with the workplace like no other communications resource on the market. This text addresses the essential writing, speaking, and listening skills needed for success in today’s workplace. This is a basic level business communication text.

Table of Contents

1.Communicating in Your Life, 2. Communicating in a Diverse Workplace, 3. Nonverbal Communication, 4. The Writing Process, 5. Writing Memos and E-Mail, 6. Writing Letters to Your Clients and Customers, 7. Researching and Using Information, 8. Developing and Using Graphic and Visual Aids, 9. Writing Routine Reports, 10. Writing Formal Reports, 11. Technical Communication, 12. Presentations and Meetings, 13. Communicating with Customers, 14. Employment Communication, 15. Job Application and Interviewing Skills

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Thomas L. Means

Dr. Tom Means taught business communication courses at Louisiana Tech University for 25 years. Because he believes that strong communication skills are critical to a person¿s success and individual satisfaction, he taught his business communication courses with simplicity, intensity, and enthusiasm. His classroom assignments were practical and as real-world as possible yet involved both writing and interpersonal skills. As department head, he developed and led a business advisory council which helped develop departmental curriculums. He is an active member of the Association for Business Communication and has served as President of its Southwest region. In recognition of his teaching, service, and research, Dr. Means was named one of Louisiana Tech University¿s Distinguished Professors in 1994.