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MicroType 5 with CheckPro Windows Network Site License CD-ROM and Quick Start Guide for Century 21 Jr. Input Technologies and Computer Applications, 2nd Edition

  • South-Western Educational Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 0538450622  |  ISBN-13: 9780538450621
  • Previous Editions: 2006
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MicroType 5 with CheckPro is a combination software program for keyboarding instruction and document checking. MicroType 5 includes touch-typing instruction for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding and the numeric keypad, skill-building activities, games, motivating graphics, and a word processor with built-in timer. MicroType teaches correct finger placement and helps students build basic keyboarding skills, then develop speed and accuracy. CheckPro is a document-checking application specific to the Century 21 Jr. 2e textbook. When students type documents from the text, CheckPro checks keystrokes and formatting in Microsoft Word 2007, keystrokes and formulas in Excel 2007, and completion of PowerPoint 2007 documents. Both MicroType 5 and CheckPro include instructor utilities that enable teachers to indicate preferences for the way the programs will work with their classes. In addition, the programs can generate detailed lesson, timed-writing, and summary reports to track students’ progress.

Features and Benefits

  • Skill Analysis Test helps establish students’ keying skills at the beginning of the course and can be used as a periodic assessment tool.
  • Web-based reporting feature allows instant, easy access to student reports with optional instructor Web site for distance learning.
  • Voice-over instructions are offered in English or Spanish.
  • System Requirements: PC (or 100% compatible) with 233 MHz Pentium II or higher processor; 32 MB RAM; Hard Disk with 40 MB free (plus 100 MB to run movies from hard drive instead of the CD-ROM); Microsoft Windows XP, and Vista; CD-ROM drive; Soundblaster compatible sound card and speakers; 800×600 monitor capable of displaying 256 colors; 10 Megabit Ethernet (100 Megabit recommended) for network operation.

Table of Contents

1. Lessons.
Alphabetic Keyboarding, 20 Lessons. Numeric Keyboarding, 16 Lessons. Numeric Keypad, 6 Lessons. New Key Review, 21 Lessons.
2. Skill Building.
Accuracy Emphasis. Speed Emphasis. Quick Review. Textbook Keying. Drill Practice.
3. Timed Writings.
4. CheckPro.
5. References.
Word 2007 Presentations. Communication Skills. Document Formats. Movies.
6. Games.

What's New

  • Updated interface and menu structure improve navigation and ease of use.
  • New-key review lessons have been added as an option for students who have already learned touch-typing.
  • Now includes the CheckPro document checking application for checking Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 documents.
  • Enhanced gradebook provides more flexibility with reporting and gives instructors more configurable options for setting up classes and weighting student grades.
  • Includes more choices in the Instructor Utility for individualized student set-ups, assessment rates, and reports.

Alternate Formats

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  • Network Site License

    ISBN-10: 0538449772  | ISBN-13: 9780538449779

  • Individual Site License

    ISBN-10:  0538449802  | ISBN-13:  9780538449809

  • Century 21

    ISBN-10:  0538449837 | ISBN-13:  9780538449830

Efficacy and Outcomes


"Very well-organized, grade and age-level appropriate, and easy from which to teach!"

— Jeffrey S. Aronsky, La Mesa Junior High School

"This text and software spark the imagination of the middle school or junior high school student to consider what their lives would be like without computers. By using this time-honored teaching method: "What do you know/what would you like to know?"; the student is ushered through the current technology of Windows/Office 2007."

— Barbara Miller-Beaseley, Taylor Middle High School

"Innovative and easy to understand. Each chapter has technology integration using Web content to enhance and appeal to the student. Great book and software with much to offer! Current, relevant, and practical. Teachers and students will enjoy the smooth flow from chapter to chapter."

— Tracy Sanders, MInEd, NBCT, South Carolina Department of Education


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Instructor Supplements

MicroType 5 with Checkbook Pro Demo CD-ROM and Demo Guide  (ISBN-10: 0538449861 | ISBN-13: 9780538449861)

The demo CD provides a fully functioning demo of all features of the software. Print and Save functions are disabled.

Student Supplements

MicroType 5 with Checkbook Pro Demo CD-ROM and Demo Guide  (ISBN-10: 0538449861 | ISBN-13: 9780538449861)

The demo CD provides a flash presentation overview of the software and its many features.

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