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RELG: World, 1st Edition

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In both content and design, RELG: WORLD aims to meet course challenges of lower cost, brevity, and relevance to students. Created through a "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with over 500 students and faculty, RELG: WORLD is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners at a value-based price. Brief, clear, inexpensive, and intensely visual, RELG: WORLD's price and its visually engaging 4LTR Press treatment will attract students without repelling instructors, and the tear-out Chapter in Review cards will encourage retention. The accompanying eBook will also include numerous annotated links to interactive maps, videos, audio pronunciations, Google Earth® explorations, and primary sources. Professors are always looking for ways to make religions practiced in distant places and times "come alive" for their students. RELG: WORLD's framing of the study of different religions as encounters between the religions' adherents and individuals like their students resonates with students' needs. Furthermore, Van Voorst's best-selling ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES offers instructors the option of creating a custom edition incorporating additional primary-source readings.

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Content and Assets

1. Beginning Your Study of World Religions.
2. Encountering Indigenous Religions: Ways to Tribal Life.
3. Encountering Hinduism: Many Paths to Liberation.
4. Encountering Jainism: The Austere Way to Liberation.
5. Encountering Buddhism: The Middle Path to Liberation.
6. Encountering Sikhism: The Way of God's Name.
7. Encountering Daoism and Confucianism: Two Views of the Eternal Way.
8. Encountering Shinto: The Way of the Kami.
9. Encountering Zoroastrianism: The Way of the One Wise Lord.
10. Encountering Judaism: The Way of God's Chosen People.
11. Encountering Christianity: The Way of Salvation in Jesus Christ.
12. Encountering Islam: The Straight Path of the One God.
13. Encountering New Religious Movements: Modern Ways to Alternative Meanings.

Efficacy and Outcomes


"Clear, engaging writing style. Rich detailed descriptions of rituals and history. Up-to-date issues related to history of traditions."

— John Morreall, College of William and Mary

"With less paper notebooks and more laptops in the classroom, this appeals to the 'modern digital native' student."

— Stacie Anfinson, Scottsdale Community College

"It seems like a good approach for my students. I think they would be more likely to do the reading, and they would be able to read more effectively and efficiently. It would provide good support for the philosophical material I also provide."

— Mark Webb, Texas Tech University

"I think the live links to audio and visual materials will excite the students. The review links will also be helpful, allowing the students to know which areas of the materials they have not mastered and to revisit the materials selectively for enhanced retention of crucial areas of the course."

— Cynthia Carsten, University of Phoenix and Pima Community College


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Robert E. Van Voorst

Dr. Robert E. Van Voorst is Professor of New Testament Studies at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan, and former professor of religion at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, where he was named Teacher of the Year in 1995. He has served as a visiting professor in Oxford University and Zhejiang University in China. Van Voorst has written frequently on religious studies in noted journals and reference works. In addition, he has authored numerous books, including six with Cengage Learning: RELG: WORLD, 3rd Edition; READINGS IN CHRISTIANITY, 3rd Edition; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES, 9th Edition; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES: EASTERN RELIGIONS; ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD SCRIPTURES: WESTERN RELIGIONS; and READING THE NEW TESTAMENT TODAY, now also in a Chinese version. Other books by Van Voorst include BUILDING YOUR NEW TESTAMENT GREEK VOCABULARY, 3rd Edition; THE ASCENTS OF JAMES, a recovery and commentary on a second-century Jewish-Christian document; and JESUS OUTSIDE THE NEW TESTAMENT, an examination of traditions about Jesus in ancient classical and Jewish documents, now also in Italian.