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A History of Modern Psychology, 10th Edition

  • Duane P. Schultz University of South Florida
  • Sydney Ellen Schultz
  • ISBN-10: 1133316247  |  ISBN-13: 9781133316244
  • 432 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2012, 2008, 2004
  • © 2012 | Published
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History doesn’t have to be dull, and this text is living proof with coverage of interesting topics ranging from the controversial use of IQ tests at Ellis Island to the psychodynamics of gum chewing. A market leader for over 30 years, A HISTORY OF MODERN PSYCHOLOGY has been praised for its comprehensive coverage and biographical approach. Focusing on modern psychology, the book’s coverage begins with the late 19th century. Successfully avoiding dry narrative, the authors personalize the history of psychology not only by using biographical information on influential theorists, but also by showing you how major events in those theorists’ lives have affected the theorists’ own ideas, approaches, and methods. Substantial updates in this edition include discussions of evolutionary psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and positive psychology. The result is a book that is as timely and relevant today as it was when it was first introduced.

Features and Benefits

  • Reviewers praise the authors’ ability to tell the history of psychology in a way that avoids dry narrative. In part, this is because A HISTORY OF MODERN PSYCHOLOGY personalizes the history of psychology--showing students how events in the lives of influential theorists and researchers affected the authors’ ideas, approaches, and methods.
  • The beginning of each chapter opens with a "teaser," a brief narrative built around a person or event designed to introduce the major theme of the chapter. These sections immediately define the subject matter and convey to the student that history is about real people and real situations.
  • The In Their Own Words sections provide original writings by the key figures in the history of psychology, presenting in each theorist’s distinctive personal style (and the style of the times) a unique perspective on psychology’s methods, problems, and goals.
  • Strong pedagogical features include discussion questions at the end of each chapter, which form the basis for writing assignments for students, and running margin glossaries and chapter opening outlines that help with chapter review.
  • Original primary source excerpts are featured in the book to eliminate the need for outside readings--providing extra value for students.

Table of Contents

1. The Study of the History of Psychology.
2. Philosophical Influences on Psychology.
3. Physiological Influences on Psychology.
4. The New Psychology.
5. Structuralism.
6. Functionalism: Antecedent Influences.
7. Functionalism: Development and Founding.
8. Applied Psychology: The Legacy of Functionalism.
9. Behaviorism: Antecedent Influences.
10. Behaviorism: The Beginnings.
11. Behaviorism: After the Founding.
12. Gestalt Psychology.
13. Psychoanalysis: The Beginnings.
14. Psychoanalysis: After the Founding.
15. Contemporary Developments in Psychology.

What's New

  • A thorough update of all subject areas, especially more recent movements in psychology, includes more than 180 new references.
  • Coverage of new topics in cognitive psychology includes embedded cognition, cognitive neuroscience, neuroprosthetics, evolutionary psychology, animal personality and intelligence, artificial intelligence, and unconscious cognition.
  • A new introduction to Chapter 1 shows the relevance of the past to the present by discussing similarities in the results of two experiments that explore the concept of "multi-tasking." One is a classic study from 1861 and the other is dated 2009.
  • New biographical material is presented on William James, Sigmund Freud, Herbert Spencer, James McKeen Cattell, Alfred Binet, Henry Goddard, Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, and other important figures.
  • A multitude of new topics, research, and findings includes current developments in positive psychology, the psychodynamics of gum chewing, the influence of video games on dreams and on behavior, social self-efficacy and the modeling effects of viewing violence on television and in video games, and the dominance of psychological research by psychologists at universities and laboratories in the United States, leading to the question: Can the results of these findings, influenced by American culture and using Americans as subjects, be generalized to people in other parts of the world?
  • Discussions also cover the controversial use of IQ tests at Ellis Island, New York, to process immigrants to the U.S.; psychological testing in World War I; the stunning change in the role of clinical psychology as a result of World War II; the contributions of Charles Darwin to psychology; the contemporary relevance of Wilhelm Wundt's research on the personal equation; John B. Watson's behaviorist child-rearing techniques and their effects on his family; and the variability hypothesis, or the functional inequality of women--the idea that men were inherently intellectually superior to women.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Duane P. Schultz

Duane P. Schultz is a former professor of psychology at the University of South Florida. He has also held faculty appointments at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia (now the University of Mary Washington), American University in Washington, D.C., and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Dr. Schultz and his wife, Sydney Ellen Schultz, are a well-regarded textbook author team.

Sydney Ellen Schultz

Sydney Ellen Schultz is a writer, editor, and researcher who has developed print and digital publications and teaching materials for publishers, government agencies, schools, and professional associations. She and her husband, Duane Schultz, are well regarded as textbook authors.