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“SAM improved our student completion rate to over 91 percent.”
– Lisa Lopez, instructor, Spartanburg Community College

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SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) is a dynamic, hands-on learning environment that helps students master computer skills and concepts that are essential to academic and career success.
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Setup your entire course in 20 minutes with the new Express Assignment Creation tool.

Exams, trainings and projects are automatically mapped to each chapter in your textbook, allowing you to schedule all assignments and set your scoring options and dates/times quickly and easily on one screen.
Once you setup your section, you can copy it across multiple sections (including due dates) in a just a few clicks.
With SAM’s Individual Assignment feature, you can schedule an assignment, such as a make-up exam or extra credit assignment, for one student or a small group of students quickly and easily.
Administrators can monitor student progress and consistency across sections easily with SAM’s institutional-level report. In just a few clicks, you can run a grade book report across multiple sections.

New computer concepts labs use animations, audio, and interactive quizzes to make topics like computer networks, safety and security, and file management relevant and engaging for students.
SAM’s Exam Study Guide report provides students with personalized remediation. For all exam questions that students get incorrect, SAM automatically generates a study guide identifying the specific tasks that students need to practice, along with links to the appropriate SAM trainings, and links to related content in the MindTap reader.
Cengage Learning’s premier Computing textbooks are now available electronically in SAM as dynamic MindTap Readers, allowing you to offer students a seamless online experience through SAM.

SAM 2010 engages, educates, and prepares students to enter the workforce with a foundation of Microsoft Office 2010 software skills. Recent additions to this acclaimed resource include a file dropbox, an Express Assignment Creation tool, integrated MindTap Readers, and much more.

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MOS 2010 Mapping Grids
SAM 2010 Project Skill List

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