Lessons in Observation: Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Learning Objectives

• What is the difference between gross motor skills and fine motor skills?
• How do gross motor skills improve as children age?
• How does Olivia’s attempt to catch a ball illustrate the proximodistal trend in motor development?
• What activities help prepare children for writing and drawing?

To watch the videos Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills, click on the screenshots below. After watching the videos, answer the questions that follow.
Although 31/2-year-old Olivia can kick a ball, she has to use her torso and arms formed into a basket to catch a ball.

Fine motor activities, such as building things with blocks, helps children improve their skills and prepares them for drawing and writing.
Applied Lesson
Describe the different stages of climbing and how each stage represents an advancement in gross motor skills.

Critical Thinking
How might parents help their child improve fine motor development? At what stage(s) should a parent introduce new toys and activities?

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