Drag And Drop Figures
Chapter 3: The Biological Bases of Behavior
Figure 3.1 Structure of the neuron
Figure 3.3 The synapse
Figure 3.4 Overview of synaptic transmission
Figure 3.16 Structures and areas in the human brain
Figure 3.19 The cerebral cortex in humans
Figure 3.22 Visual input in the split brain
Figure 3.24 The endocrine system
Chapter 4: Sensation and Perception
Figure 4.7 The human eye
Figure 4.15 The what and where pathways from the primary visual cortex
Figure 4.46 The human ear
Figure 4.51 The olfactory system
Figure 4.53 Pathways for pain signals
Chapter 5: Variations In Consciousness
Figure 5.19 The "reward pathway" in the brain
Chapter 7: Human Memory
Figure 7.23 The anatomy of memory
Chapter 10: Motivation and Emotion
Figure 10.23 Theories of emotion
Chapter 11: Human Development Across the Life Span
Figure 11.11 Erikson's stage theory
Figure 11.12 Piaget's stage theory
Figure 11.17 Kohlberg's stage theory
Chapter 12: Personality: Theory, Research, and Assessment
Figure 12.11 Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders
Figure 14.19 Schizophrenia and the ventricles of the brain