About MiladyPro

In 1927, a gentleman by the name of Nicholas F. Cimaglia started a journey when he founded Milady. He had a goal of providing consistent curriculum for cosmetology education across all states and making it more accessible to those who wanted to be part of such an amazing industry. I am happy and humbled to say that since then, millions of beauty and wellness professionals have used resources such as Standard Cosmetology, Standard Esthetics Fundamentals, Standard Nail Technology, and Standard Professional Barbering, to name a few, to get them through school and help them pass their state board exam. Fast forward 90 years to today, and I can only hope Mr. Cimaglia would be pleased to see his dream continuing to be fulfilled more so than ever.

Since many of you were first introduced to Milady while in school, we embrace the idea that you possibly see us as "the textbook people." However, we offer a great deal more than that. Education doesn't stop when you leave school, and to have a successful career you must seek out the continuing education necessary to achieve the level of success that only you can determine yourself. Whether you're a stylist, an esthetician, a nail technician, a barber, or own your own salon or spa, you know more than anyone that polishing your skills, keeping up with trends, and learning business strategies are integral to having a long-lasting career. With that, we're very excited to share MiladyPro.

There are so many wonderful resources and people available that can help you each day, each week, and each year, hopefully solidifying your decision to make this a career for yourself. And, it is a career, one that MiladyPro is committed to helping you build. Make MiladyPro one of your daily or weekly stops when you are at your computer, using your tablet, or on your phone, and benefit from everything it has to offer. It brings the Milady team great satisfaction in continuing Mr. Cimaglia's journey started so long ago, and we hope you'll allow us to be there as you continue your own journey to success.