Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)
Cengage Learning Compliance Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), effective July 1, 2010, contains requirements for publishers regarding transparency of information to prospective adopters at institutions of higher education (including both 2-year/4-year and career schools) and the availability of bundle components.

Cengage Learning worked for over a year to ensure complete and timely compliance with HEOA. These efforts have included reviewing and developing processes and practices involving Marketing, Editorial, Sales, Finance and Production. Here are the details:


HEOA requires publishers to provide prospective post-secondary adopters “at the time of the adoption discussion” with information regarding the following:

  • Net and list prices
  • Substantial changes to the content of a new edition
  • Alternate formats
  • Previous copyright years (to serve as an indicator of when the next edition might be published)

Cengage Learning is loading all of the required information onto our titles’ online product pages. This provides prospective adopters with direct access to all of the information centrally in a convenient location with which they are already familiar.

We will now provide faculty with direct access to this information through messaging integrated into the following customer touchpoints which represent the various initial interactions we have with prospective adopters:

  • Review copies: Packing slips that accompany review copies will now refer faculty to the online product pages. In addition, the book’s preface contains detailed content changes to new editions and the title page now includes copyright years for up to three previous editions.
  • Marketing: All title-specific marketing emails will now link faculty to the title’s product page or to the Cengage Learning website with direction to find the required information by accessing the product pages in which they are interested.
  • Printed title-specific collateral: Collateral will now contain a reference to the availability of the required information on the online product pages and advise faculty to access those in their interest area.
  • Cengage Learning Website: More and more instructors come to the Cengage Learning site to find information on titles in their interest areas. They will now find the required information loaded onto the product pages.
  • Cengage Sales Representative pre-pub visits: If Cengage Sales Representatives contact instructors before any other touchpoint has occurred (usually in a pre-selling situation), they can initiate a templated faculty email out of the Cengage Sales Representative Database that will advise instructors of the availability of the required information on the online product pages.

This is the language that Cengage Learning employs to direct prospective adopters to the HEOA-mandated information:

For valuable information on pricing, previous editions and alternate formats, visit www.cengage.com/highered and search by ISBN, author, title, or keyword for materials in your area.