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Enhanced WebAssign® helps students learn, not just
do homework

Unlike homework systems that depend on memorization, Enhanced WebAssign's educational technology engages instead of drills to elevate thinking and foster a deeper understanding of course concepts to support online math homework, physics homework, and astronomy homework.

WebAssign® is a registered trademark of Advanced Instructional Systems, Inc.

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Elevate Thinking

Enhanced WebAssign knows the answers

Like you, Enhanced WebAssign accepts diverse interpretations, so your students are not penalized for entering a mathematically equivalent or differently formatted answer.

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Enhanced WebAssign promotes independent learners

It displays learning tools and feedback when students need the support to complete assignments and help them learn the concepts.

Promote Better Outcomes

Enhanced WebAssign facilitates learning by increasing student engagement

It delivers instructional resources and applies automatic point adjustments (bonus or penalty) to motivate students and promote learning.

Enhanced WebAssign meets individual student needs

It adapts learning to give students more learning tools on topics that require more practice.

Easily Set Your Course

Enhanced WebAssign manages student assessment

It automatically tracks student scores and identifies where students are struggling.


“The breakdown of problems into smaller steps [with the Master It feature] allowed me to see the process behind the question, instead of just giving the answer.”

Precalculus Student, Pasadena City College

“My students are actually doing their homework and coming into my office to ask questions.”

Malissa Peery, Math Department, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

“Its simple design and user-friendly display made writing down answers easy, and execution of certain functions was very solid and easy.”

Calculus Student, Edmonds Community College

“The video walk-throughs were amazing! They were very helpful in figuring out how to do the problems step by step.”

Physics Student, University of Missouri, Kansas City

“I liked receiving immediate feedback after each problem. It was an efficient way of letting me know which part of the problem I needed further understanding.”

Precalculus Student, Pasadena City College


Enhanced WebAssign Results in Higher Engagement and Improved Learning in Developmental Math

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Physics Students Boost Test Scores with Enhanced WebAssign at Oral Roberts University

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Enhanced WebAssign Proves Integral to Teaching and Learning Calculus

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Instructor Support

Digital Course Support

A dedicated team of experts provides proactive, ongoing support that includes course set-up, usage statistics, and regular check-ins.

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Training Resources

Access to user guides, brief how-to videos, and additional training resources.

Access Training Material

Technology Power Users

Exchange success strategies, best practices, and implementation experiences with faculty across the country using Enhanced WebAssign.

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Technical Support

Your adoption of Enhanced WebAssign includes Technical Support for you and your students.

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LMS Integration

Other LTI Compliant LMS

Cengage Learning and Enhanced WebAssign provide Learning Management System (LMS) integration for Blackboard as well as custom system integration using the open-source Shibboleth middleware.

Easily connect Enhanced WebAssign with your LMS to allow student single sign-on, automatic roster management, and grade synchronization between systems. This service delivers an optimal user experience—facilitating learning retention and contributing to better outcomes. Additional LTI compatibility with other leading LMS systems is currently under development.

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