Flash Cards

Prepare flash cards that fit your specific study needs with three varieties of downloadable flash cards: (1) terms only, (2) definitions only, or (3) terms and definitions. Pick the style that works best for you! These key terms are also available as interactive flash cards allowing you to shuffle the deck, remove a card, view the term first, or view the definition first.

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ABC News Videos:

Include clips from World News Tonight, Good Morning America, This Week, PrimeTime Live, 20/20, and Nightline, as well as numerous ABC News specials and material from the Associated Press Television News and British Movietone News collections.
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Ask the Instructor Videos:

Featuring Dr. Peter Olson, an economics instructor from Indiana University, these clips provide extremely helpful review and clarification if you have trouble understanding an in-class lecture or if you are more of a visual learner.
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EconNews provides summaries of the latest economics news stories. Each news topic contains a three to five paragraph summary of a news article and questions to spur further thought.
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EconDebate keeps you informed on today's most crucial economics policy debates. Each debate provides a primer on the issues and with links to background information and current, in-depth commentaries from experts around the world
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EconData provides current and historical economic data with accompanying commentary, diagrams, analysis, and exercises.
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Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles help you fill in the terms for given definitions with added hints as you complete the puzzle.
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Beat the Clock

Test your knowledge with this timed quiz. Answer as many questions as you can correctly before the clock stops ticking!

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Quizzes offer you an opportunity to practice for midterms and finals by taking challenging interactive quizzes.

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Graphing Workshop

The Graphing Workshop includes animated graphing tutorials tied to important economic concepts, an interactive graphing tool, and exercises to help you understand, interpret, reproduce, and explain graphs. The Graphing Workshop can be used as tutorial or homework assignment.

See It! animated graphing tutorials provide step-by-step graphical presentations and audio explanations.

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Grasp It! interactive graphing tutorials help you grasp the effects of changing variables on economic parameters.

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Try It! interactive graphing tutorials provide an opportunity to practice creating your own graphs with GraphIt - a robust, hands-on Java graphing tool.

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