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The Visual Guide to Swedish Massage, Spiral bound Version 1st Edition

Mark F. Beck

  • Published
  • 147 Pages


The Visual Guide to Swedish Massage clearly illustrates the practical methods for performing foundational massage therapy techniques. Readers will find this handy reference tool to be an important supplement to their massage therapy curriculum and a helpful review of the proper movements to ensure the client experience is second to none.

Mark F. Beck,

Mark Beck had been a Milady author since the first publication of The Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage in 1988. Mark began his professional career as a massage therapist in 1974. He started teaching massage in 1978 and became a massage school owner and director in 1980. As school director for over 15 years, he developed curriculum, taught classes and continued a part time clinical practice. He served on the boards of a state and a national massage organization in different capacities including sec. of education, sec. of certification and president. In 1996 he earned a bachelor's degree in Vocational Education with an emphasis on massage therapy from the University of Idaho. A skiing accident in 1990 resulted in a C-6 spinal cord injury that landed Mark in a wheelchair with quadriplegia. That ended his active practice as a massage therapist but did not quell his dedication to the profession or his desire to provide the best possible information to thousands of students entering the profession by continually updating and refining The Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage. Mark continued to be an advocate for excellence in massage education and accessibility for the disabled until he sadly passed away in November 2016.
  • Steps are clearly depicted by both a full-color photo and text description.
  • Over 50 images include arrows to clearly represent the massage movement.
  • Rubrics provide the ability to evaluate progress and understanding of the procedure.
  • Spiral binding allows the text to lay flat for easy reference during the procedure.
1. Classification of the Basic Swedish Massage Strokes.
2. Application of Massage Movements.
3. Draping Procedures.
4. Pre-Service Procedure.
5. General Arm Massage.
6. General Massage for the Foot and Leg.
7. General Massage for the Anterior Torso and Neck.
8. Changing Position from Supine to Prone.
9. General Massage for the Back of the Legs.
10. General Massage for the Back of the Body.
11. Post-Service: Completing the General Massage Session.
12. Massage the Face.
13. Massage the Scalp.
14. Massage the Ear.
15. Massage the Neck.
16. Massage the Arms.
17. Massage the Hand and Joint Movements for the Hands and Arms.
18. Massage the Feet.
19. Massage the Front of the Legs.
20. Massaging the Abdomen and Chest.
21. Massage the Back of the Legs.
22. Massage the Back.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133600956
  • ISBN-13: 9781133600954
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $22.75
  • RETAIL $27.95

  • ISBN-10: 1285661575
  • ISBN-13: 9781285661575

“This book is well thought out, well written and thorough. I wish this book were available to me when I was going through massage school!”

“ I think this book will be a great addition to any massage program or entry-level student studying Swedish massage.”

“This is a needed book. The detailed step by step approach is limited in other books or publications. It is great to see a return to the details of hands on techniques and not just a quick routine.”

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ISBN: 9781418000158
This resource helps students recognize, understand, and retain key concepts while minimizing assistance from the educator.

Course Management Guide on CD

ISBN: 9781418000172
This is the primary instructor resource to The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists. It contains all of the tools educators need to make teaching exceptional and easy and designed to facilitate strong classroom management. This will dramatically increase student interest and understanding.

Instructor's Support Slides on CD

ISBN: 9781439060407
This CD-ROM provides a chapter-by-chapter outline of important discussion topics in Microsoft PowerPoint with hundreds of slides featuring images that correlate with the text, with the added feature of graphics from the text to capture the visual learner’s interest. Files can be downloaded to the instructor’s computer and amended as desired. The Instructor Support Slides is a saleable only product.



ISBN: 9781418000158