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Texas: Crossroads of North America 1st Edition

Jesús F. de la Teja, Paula Marks, Ron Tyler

  • Published
  • 528 Pages


Incorporating the latest scholarship, this text chronicles the development of the political, economic, and social identity of Texas through the unique insight of three authors. The thematically arranged text covers the full scope of Spanish exploration and colonization efforts, as well as the transformation of the Texas economy and society in the 20th century.The first theme, "Texas as place," presents the state as a crossroads of geographies and cultures, while the second theme, "Texas as opportunity," features the progression of visitors, immigrants, and Native Texans as they learn to make use of the resources the region offers. The third theme, "Texas as 'cultural centrifuge,'" focuses on the convergence, separation, and emergence of various cultural groups in the state.

Jesús F. de la Teja, Texas State University, San Marcos

Jesús F. de la Teja is Jerome and Catherine Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies, Director of the Center for the Study of the Southwest, and Regents' Professor of History at Texas State University. A past president of the Texas State Historical Association, he was also the inaugural State Historian of Texas. He is the award-winning author and editor of numerous works on Spanish, Mexican, and Republic-era Texas.

Paula Marks, St. Edward's University

Ron Tyler, University of Texas at Austin

Ron Tyler is the retired director of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas. He also served as Professor of History and Director of the Center for Studies in Texas History and the Texas State Historical Association at The University of Texas at Austin. He has written or edited more than twenty books in the fields of Texas history and American, Western American, and Mexican art and history.
Note: Each chapter ends with a Conclusion and Suggested Readings.
I. Undefined Texas
1. Land and Life
Before the First Humans in Texas
The First Texans
The Agricultural Revolution Arrives
Buffalo Peoples and Fishermen
2. First Meetings, First Conflicts, 1492-1693
Dawn of Texas History
Elusive Riches--Harsh Realities
The Paso del Norte Corridor
La Salle and the Spanish Rediscovery of Texas
3. New Spain's Northeastern Frontier, 1714-1767
The French Challenge
Spanish Texas Takes Shape
The Rio Grande Frontiers
The Failure of Missionary Expansion in Texas
4. The Age of Reform, 1767-1800
Reorganization of the Frontier
The Death and Rebirth of Spanish East Texas
Sunset for the Missions
The Birth of the Texas Cattle Kingdom
5. New Rivals, New Challenges, 1801-1821
Fortress Texas
Insurrection on the Frontier
A Howling Wilderness
II. Defining Texas
6. The Americanization of Texas, 1821-1835
Colonization Efforts, 1821-1829
Growth of Political and Cultural Tensions, 1829-1833
The Burgeoning American Presence and the Impetus to Revolution, 1833-1835
7. Revolution, 1835-1836
The Revolution--Early Months (October-December)
The Revolution--Victory and Defeat (December-March)
The Revolution--The Winning of Independence (March-April)
8. Texas Independent, Texas Annexed, 1836-1859
The Quests for Annexation and Empire, 1836-1841
Challenges and Opportunities in the Republic of Texas
Marginalized Groups in the Republic
The Annexation Quest Continues, 1841-1845
The New State Takes Shape
9. Secession, War, and Their Aftermath, 1860-1876
Texas and the Confederacy
The War in Texas and Its Impact
III. Texas Redefined
10. Toward Modernization, 1876-1898
Economic Recovery
Expansion into West Texas
The Political Will, 1876-1898
11. The Early Twentieth Century: One Party, Half a Dozen Fights, 1900-1929
The Texas Economy in 1900
The Climate for Reform
Pressure for Reform
Fergusonism and Texas on the World Stage
12. Depression and War, 1929-1945
The Great Depression
The New Deal
World War II
13. A "Confluence of Anxieties": Texas from 1946 to1972
Stressing the One-Party System
The Conservatives Take Charge
The Lyndon Johnson Era
14. Recognizing Old and New Realities
Diversity in Texas Politics and Culture
Developing Economic Opportunity
Governing a Changing State
Tending the Land
Appendix A: Texas Governors
Appendix B: Comparative Population Statistics
Glossary of Spanish Terms

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  • ISBN-10: 0618073612
  • ISBN-13: 9780618073610
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