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With its fresh, fun, and hip approach, SEXUALITY NOW: EMBRACING DIVERSITY, 5E, teaches students what they need and want to know about sexuality while clearly conveying foundational biological and health issues and citing current and classic research. The text continues to be a product of author Janell Carroll's partnership with her students, answering the questions and concerns that students have about themselves and their sexuality with scientific fact, sensitivity, humor, and unmatched candor. Carroll presents the range of sexual orientations and behaviors and takes into account the social, religious, ethnic, racial, and cultural contexts of today's students. This edition includes even more examples and research on sexual diversity both within and across cultures. The MindTap for Sexuality Now features an array of engaging videos of Dr. Carroll traveling to different countries and videotaping actual interviews with people regarding their take on various human sexuality research topics (love hotels in Japan; comprehensive sex education in Scandinavian countries).

Janell L. Carroll, University of Hartford

Janell Carroll received her Ph.D. in human sexuality education from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989. She teaches in the psychology department at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, is an AASECT-certified sexuality educator, and has received numerous awards for her teaching and work in the field of human sexuality. The University of Hartford has recognized Dr. Carroll with the Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award (2015) and the Gordon Clark Ramsey Award for Creative Excellence (2005), both given to professors who demonstrate outstanding excellence and creativity in the classroom. She has also been recognized by Planned Parenthood as a Sexuality Educator of the Year. Prior to teaching at University of Hartford, Dr. Carroll was a tenured psychology professor at Baker University, where she was honored with awards for Professor of the Year and Most Outstanding Person on Campus. A dynamic educator, speaker, and author, Dr. Carroll has also hosted two of her own radio talk shows about sexuality and appeared as an expert on numerous television talk shows and networks. She maintains her own sexuality website at
  • Every chapter now opens with Dr. Carroll's Notebook, a chapter-related entry detailing the personal stories about sexuality from adults, teens, and children shared with Dr. Carroll on her worldwide travels.
  • A new section exploring differences between desire problems and asexuality.
  • Updated recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control for partners of persons with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, human papillomavirus, herpes simplex virus, and the human immunodeficiency virus.
  • A new section on Internet sexual addictions.
  • A new section on the Internet and electronic technologies; explores the development of wearable computers, Google Glass, and Glyph, a head-mounted mobile theatre.
  • MindTap for Sexuality Now engages students with important course concepts through interactive multimedia activities, quizzes and discussion. The MindTap learning path guides students to success with specific digital assets that increase interaction of students and instructors, and social tools like videos, discussion and photo sharing that improve academic discourse around the sensitive subject area of human sexuality.
  • Updated coverage reflects DSM-5, including: premenstrual dysphoric disorder; disorders of sex development; the rationale for changing criteria for sexual dysfunctions; and diagnostic revisions to paraphilias and the move to de-pathologize unusual sexual behaviors.
  • New and updated Real Research boxes, including gender differences in parent-teen communication in Chapter 3, "Communication and Sexuality", pubic hair removal and the risk of molluscum contagiosum in Chapter 5, "Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology", penetrative sexual behaviors during college hook-ups in Chapter 9, "Adult Sexual Relationships"), and first impressions and "gaydar" in Chapter 11, "Sexual Orientation".
  • Updated discussion of popular television shows among college students, including Modern Family, Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black and Masters of Sex—and the impact of such shows on personal attitudes about sexuality.
  • Expanded coverage of computer-mediated communication and social networks, including email, Skype, Facebook, FaceTime, and Twitter and their impact technologies on communication patterns, expectations, challenges, and misunderstandings involved with their use; and cross-cultural research on computer-mediated communication.
  • Updated coverage of the use of puberty-delaying drugs in transchildren.
  • Updated data from the United States Census on interracial and intercultural dating, cohabitation, marriage, and living arrangements in older adults.
  • New discussion of how communication technologies have increased long distance dating on today's college campuses; includes novel approaches to dating, such as online websites and SmartPhone Apps.
  • New statistics and figures from the recently released Center for Disease Control's Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance and Reported Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the U.S., along with the UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic.
  • Sexuality Now presents the most current research of any sexuality text available, including up-to-date coverage of many relevant topics such as online social networking and gender differences in communication, new material on gay and lesbian issues, and updated information on contraception.
  • An emphasis on sexual diversity within the U.S. and across cultures, particularly with respect to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) sexual orientations is maintained throughout the text. Even more diversity coverage appears in the running text, graphics, research citations, and examples, and a GLBT Theme Index appears in the preface.
  • Feature boxes appear throughout (on topics such love hotels in Japan, foot binding, and gender variations), and extensive updates on same-sex relationships (including cohabitation both inside and outside the United States, marriage and domestic partnerships, and same-sex divorce).
  • The text goes beyond simply providing a foundation in the biology and psychology of sexuality, connecting with students by exploring contemporary issues, changing practices and behaviors, and their impact. Topics include increased use of tanning beds, tattooing, body and genital piercing, and pubic hair shaving and waxing.
  • "On Your Mind" questions address common questions that students are often afraid to ask. Collected from the author's students, her website, and her travels, questions include "Can a male have an orgasm without an ejaculation?" and "How can you stay with one person your whole life and not get bored?"
  • Noticing that "fun facts" spark communication, the author uses a "Real Research" feature to introduce little-known tidbits from current sexuality research. Each chapter contains several updated snippets; topics include friends-with-benefits relationships, gaydar, maternal diet and fetal gender, and physical health and attachment styles.
  • "Sex in Real Life" boxes provide a "sound bite" review of current trends in sexuality research. Topics include social networks, gender variations, parental anxiety about educating their children about sex, lesbianism on campus, same-sex couple's family, and society's fear of men.
1. Exploring Human Sexuality: Past and Present.
2. Understanding Human Sexuality: Theory and Research.
3. Communication and Sexuality.
4. Gender Development, Gender Roles, and Gender Identity.
5. Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology
6. Male Sexual Anatomy and Physiology.
7. Love and Intimacy.
8. Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality.
9. Adult Sexual Relationships.
10. Sexual Expression.
11. Sexual Orientation.
12. Pregnancy and Birth.
13. Contraception and Abortion.
14. Challenges to Sexual Functioning.
15. Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS.
16. Varieties of Sexual Expression.
17. Power and Coercion.
18. Sexuality in the Media and the Arts.
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