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Process Technology Equipment and Systems 3rd Edition

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D.

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2007, 2002
  • 480 Pages


PROCESS TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS, 3E is a comprehensive introduction to the workings of a modern manufacturing facility in the process industry. The text, which fits a standard equipment and systems course, provides your students with the information they need to know and uses up-to-date graphics and photos to enhance their understanding of how process systems and equipment actually operate. This book carries on the tradition of excellence established by the first two editions, which have successfully launched thousands of process technicians into the chemical processing industry. Key topics include valves, vessels, and piping, pumps and compressors, motors and turbines, heat exchangers, cooling towers, boilers and furnaces, reactors and distillation, extraction and separation systems, and process instrumentation.

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D., Lee College in Baytown, TX,

Charles E. Thomas, Ph.D., is a professor and division chair at Lee College, where he teaches Process Technology, Safety Management, and Manufacturing Engineering. Widely regarded as the foremost textbook author on process technology, Dr. Thomas is credited with creating the discipline in the 1990s. His prior professional experience includes tenure with Exxon Research and Engineering and Exxon Chemicals in a variety of operational, research and development, and training system roles. He earned his B.A. from Western Illinois University, his M.S. from the University of Texas, and his Ph.D. from Texas A & M University.
  • New material on storage tank designs, components and safety considerations.
  • The compressor chapter has been expanded to included two new compressors; scroll and diaphragm.
  • New graphics have been included to chapters covering compressors,, heat exchangers,, cooling towers,, boilers,, furnaces,, reactor and distillation to teach systems and operations at earlier stages.
  • Includes 24 additional pages that describe simple pump systems and how to operate them.
  • Contains an expanded supplement package that includes an Instructor Resource featuring PowerPoints with a large number of images and an ExamView Computerized Test Bank,, as well as an Instructor’s Manual and Image Gallery.
  • Ensures relevant skill mastery and uniform training of new technicians in apprentice--training programs within the chemical processing industry.
  • Is considered the standard against which all successful process technology texts are measured.
  • Designed so that chapters can stand alone, enabling instructors to teach concepts out of order if it better suits their particular program’s needs.
1. Introduction to Process Equipment.
2. Valves.
3. Piping and Vessels.
4. Pumps.
5. Compressors.
6. Turbines and Motors.
7. Heat Exchangers.
8. Cooling Towers.
9. Boilers.
12.Process Diagrams.
13.Utility Systems.
14.Reactor Systems.
15.Distillation Systems.
16.Extraction and Other Separation Systems.
17.Plastics Systems.

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  • ISBN-10: 1133625010
  • ISBN-13: 9781133625018
  • STARTING AT $17.99

  • ISBN-10: 1435499123
  • ISBN-13: 9781435499126
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $138.50
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