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Portable Legacies: Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Nonfiction 1st Edition

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Lynne Crockett

  • Published
  • 1284 Pages


PORTABLE LEGACIES: FICTION, POETRY, DRAMA, NONFICTION engages students with the best selection of fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction in a single anthology. An affordable, convenient alternative to full-length—or even compact—introduction to literature texts, PORTABLE LEGACIES: FICTION, POETRY, DRAMA, NONFICTION involves students in complex and exciting “legacies of human thought”—literary and cultural traditions from 500 B.C. to the first decades of the twenty-first century. Designed for the Literature for Composition course, this is the only thematically arranged anthology to examine works of fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction together in thematic clusters that “Cross the Genres.” With selections ranging from the most popular traditional and contemporary authors at home to masterpieces of world literature, PORTABLE LEGACIES: FICTION, POETRY, DRAMA, NONFICTION encourages students to question, observe, probe, connect, and critique.

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, SUNY New Paltz

Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, a SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, who earned her BA from the University of Rochester in 1969, her MA from the University of Wisconsin in 1970, and her PhD from Syracuse University in 1977, teaches courses in composition, autobiography, creative writing, American literature, women's literature, and Holocaust studies. Her poetry has been published in many journals, including KANSAS QUARTERLY, CREAM CITY REVIEW, SYRACUSE SCHOLAR, ALASKA QUARTERLY REVIEW, HOME PLANET NEWS, and PHOEBE. She has published two volumes of poetry--WE SPEAK IN TONGUES (the Edwin Mellen Press, 1991) and SHE HAD THIS MEMORY (the Edwin Mellen Press, 2000)--and two collections of autobiographical essays--WOMEN/WRITING/TEACHING (SUNY Press, 1998) and WISE WOMEN: REFLECTIONS OF TEACHERS AT MIDLIFE, co-authored with Dr. Phyllis R. Freeman (Routledge, 2000).

Lynne Crockett, Sullivan County Community College

Lynne Crockett is an Associate Professor and Writing Program Administrator at SUNY Sullivan, a small, two-year college in the Catskill Mountains of New York. She received her PhD in Victorian literature from New York University in 2004. Crockett writes a monthly column for the SHAWANGUNK journal in Ellenville, New York, in addition to publishing creative nonfiction.
  • A chapter on literary arguments and “Write an Argument” assignments throughout the book provide many opportunities for students to analyze arguments in the texts and write their own persuasive essays.
  • “Crossing the Genres” clusters open each chapter, tying readings from each genre together through questions and writing assignments.
  • Single-genre thematic clusters deepen students’ understanding of individual genres.
  • Practical information on the research process and documentation is provided, including the use of online resources.
  • Reading selections are organized both by genre and by intriguing themes—and include new topics such as “The Elusive Sexual Self,” “Terror and Terrorism,” and “The Human Animal.”
  • Reading clusters (e.g., Modern Love/Fiction, and The Ideal vs. The Real World/Poetry) allow students to explore a theme in depth while focusing on a single genre.
  • Essays on controversial topics are paired to stimulate argumentative thinking, writing, and debate. These include “The Nuclear Family Redefined?”; “Masculinities/Femininities—Conditioned or Constructed?”; and “Visions of the Spirit.”
  • Each anthology chapter features an excerpt from a graphic novel.
  • Online literature and contextual information is provided for each theme.
  • An appendix on Visual Rhetoric helps student read, analyze, and write about visuals such as paintings, websites, and graphic literature.
  • Engage students with masterpieces of the traditional and non-traditional canons, world literature, and contemporary writing.
  • Thematically arranged content allows students to compare and contrast selected works from different genres critically.
1. Critical Thinking and Critical Analysis of Literature.
2. The Reading Process.
3. The Writing Process: Writing the Essay about Literature.
4. Forms of Arguments about Literature.
5. Identity and Rites of Passage.

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