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Performing with Computer Applications: Word Processing, Desktop Publishing, Spreadsheets, Database, Presentations, and Web Design 2nd Edition

Iris Blanc

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2001
  • 720 Pages


Previously entitled "Computer Applications for the New Millenium," this new edition has been revised and added to the Performing series. Renowned author Iris Blanc introduces word processing, Internet, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation concepts through sequential practice material. The book is non-software specific so its exercises can be used with any software or operating system.

Iris Blanc, New York City Board of Education and Totenville High School

Iris Blanc is currently the Director of Virtual Enterprises, International, a New York City Department of Education program. Ms. Blanc has taught business education and computer applications at the high school and college levels for over thirty years. She was formerly the assistant principal/department chair of Business Education at Tottenville High School, a New York City public high school. Ms. Blanc conducts seminars, workshops, and short courses in applied learning strategies and methods of teaching and integrating technology at conferences nationwide.
Unit 1: Orientation
Lesson 1: Get Started
Lesson 2: Use Settings, Displays, Help and File Management

Unit 2: Word Processing
Lesson 1: Create and Save Documents
Lesson 2: Open and Edit Documents
Lesson 3: Text Alignments, Enhancements, and Effects
Lesson 4: Basic Document Formatting and Editing
Lesson 5: Additional Document Formatting and Editing
Lesson 6: Work with the Internet
Lesson 7: Work with Multiple-Page Documents and Multiple Documents
Lesson 8: Work with Columns, Tables, and Forms
Lesson 9: Work with AutoText and Macros; Merge

Unit 3: Desktop Publishing
Lesson 1: Work with Objects, Lines, and Text Boxes
Lesson 2: Work with Drawing Tools
Lesson 3: Add Special Effects

Unit 4: Spreadsheets
Lesson 1: Create, Save, and Print a Worksheet
Lesson 2: Use Formulas; Copy a Formula; Format and Enhance Worksheet Data
Lesson 3: Use Functions, Additional Formatting, and Editing
Lesson 4: Create and Edit Charts
Lesson 5: Integrate Worksheets with Other Applications

Unit 5: Database
Lesson 1: Plan, Create, and Save a Database
Lesson 2: Open, Edit, and Print a Database
Lesson 3: Modify and Format a Database; Search and Sort a Database
Lesson 4: Use Queries and Create Reports; Integrate Databases with Other Applications

Unit 6: Presentations
Lesson 1: Create, Save, and Print a Presentation
Lesson 2: Enhance Slides; Work with Text and Objects
Lesson 3: Work with Slide Shows; Integrate Presentations with Other Applications

Unit 7: Web Sites
Lesson 1: Work with Web Pages
Lesson 2: Create and Enhance Web Sites

A: Microsoft Office Specialist Correlation
B: Using the Mouse
C: Toolbars, Menus, and Dialog Boxes
E: Leading and Line Spacing Illustrations
F: Spreadsheet/Worksheet Plans
G: Database Planning Sheet
H: Rubric for an Oral Report and PowerPoint Presentation
I: Letter Styles

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  • ISBN-10: 0619055960
  • ISBN-13: 9780619055967
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $139.25
  • RETAIL $184.95