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This text addresses human resource practices associated with each stage of the employment process--from hiring, to managing, to firing--and emphasizes the application of legal concepts to future business situations. Various features throughout the text offer students opportunities to develop issue spotting, critical thinking, and legal reasoning skills that will be integral in their future careers as human resource managers. EMPLOYMENT LAW FOR HUMAN RESOURCE PRACTICE, 4TH EDITION empowers students to understand the difference between what is legal and what is not, see and avoid potential problems, and know when to turn to a lawyer. While continuing its coverage of all the most important employment law topics, this edition has been updated to include extended coverage of a number of areas reflecting recent legislation, the issuance of new regulations, and recent case law. Some of these topics include: class action lawsuits, use of independent contractors, human trafficking, and the use of credit histories and criminal backgrounds when hiring.

David J. Walsh, Miami University

David Walsh received his Ph.D. from the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University in 1991. Since then, he has served on the faculty of the Management Department at Miami University. Dr. Walsh teaches and conducts research in the areas of employment law, labor relations, and human resource management. He is also the author of the airline labor relations book ON DIFFERENT PLANES (Cornell University ILR Press, 1994) and has contributed chapters to a number of edited volumes, including THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF STRIKES IN AMERICAN HISTORY (M.E. Sharpe, 2009). In addition, he has published articles in such journals as the BERKELEY JOURNAL OF EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, AMERICAN BUSINESS LAW JOURNAL, LAW & SOCIETY REVIEW, and the INDUSTRIAL & LABOR RELATIONS REVIEW.
  • NEW! New and revised, "Just the Facts" teaches students how to spot legal issues by asking whether or not a given situation is legal. Case citations are provided for further research.
  • NEW! "Practical Considerations" asks students to apply the legal concepts learned in the chapter to situations they might encounter on the job.
  • NEW! Updated "Clippings" features material.
  • NEW! Topics throughout the book have been thoroughly updated to reflect the most current developments in employment law. For example, this edition includes a more in-depth discussion of: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; class action lawsuits; use of independent contractors; retaliation; human trafficking; use of credit histories and criminal background when hiring; discrimination against unemployed persons; the subordinate bias theory in discrimination cases; changes in immigration law; regulations for the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; regulations for the ADA Amendments Act; discrimination based on religion; current status of military "don't ask, don't tell" policy; health insurance and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; collective bargaining in the public sector; and protection of communication via social media under the National Labor Relations Act and much more.
  • NEW! This edition includes excerpts from new cases that reflect the most recent developments in employment and labor law issues.
  • NEW! End-of-chapter questions and problems have been updated throughout the book to reflect the most current developments in employment law.
  • NEW! Improved Instructor Resources include: updated Instructor's Manual; expanded Test Bank (with multiple choice and essay questions testing chapter comprehension, business application, and ethical implications); new PowerPoint slides (designed to spark classroom discussion and emphasize business application of legal concepts, slides also include hyperlinks to relevant material and case summaries); new online interactive quiz questions for students; free access to court case updates (revised monthly); and more.
  • NEW! Improved Employment and Labor Law Resources have been added to the companion web site ( including: General Employment and Labor Law information; links and descriptions of Departments, Agencies, Associations and Organizations; Legal Forms and Documents; links to Recent Employment and Labor Law cases (updated monthly); a list of Employment and Labor Law blogs; and more!
  • Practical Focus: A number of different features help students see the relevance of the material to their future careers as managers and emphasize applying legal concepts to business situations. "Clippings", now more closely integrated into the chapter, offer brief synopses of recent cases, events, or reports, and show how employment law relates to real things happening in the world around us. "Elements of a Claim" feature outlines particular types of legal claims and explains what needs to be shown for a claim to succeed. "Practical Implications of the Law," italicized throughout the text, are suggestions for carrying out human resource activities in a lawful manner, and are summarized at the end of each chapter. "The Changing Workplace" highlights recent changes in the workplace, human resource practices, and the workforce that have particular implications for the law.
  • Case Treatment: Case selections from leading court decisions in employment law are excerpted (retaining the language of the court) and include a brief statement of the facts, the legal issue, and the explanation of the decision maker's rationale.
  • Unique Employment Life Cycle Approach: Chapters are organized according to human resource practices and functions, such as hiring, managing, performance, and termination. The "hire-to-fire" approach follows an intuitive arc for students to follow and match to their own experiences.
1. Overview of Employment Law.
2. The Employment Relationship.
3. Overview of Employment Discrimination.
4. Recruitment, Applications, and Interviews.
5. Background Checks, References, and Verifying Employment Eligibility.
6. Employment Testing.
7. Hiring and Promotion Decisions.
8. Affirmative Action.
9. Harassment.
10. Reasonably Accommodating Disability and Religion.
11. Work-Life Conflicts and Other Diversity Issues.
12. Wages, Hours, and Pay Equity.
13. Benefits.
14. Unions and Collective Bargaining.
15. Occupational Safety and Health.
16. Performance Appraisals, Training, and Development.
17. Privacy on the Job: Information, Monitoring and Investigations.
18. Terminating Individual Employees.
19. Downsizing and Post Termination Issues.

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ISBN: 9781305112131
Expand students' understanding and streamline class preparation with the numerous instructor and student resources available on this edition's robust companion website. Easily download password-protected instructor resources, including the Solution's Manual, Test Bank, and PowerPoint® slides. Students can review concepts using PowerPoint® slides, online quizzes, and other interactive learning tools.