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Employment and Labor Law 8th Edition

Patrick J. Cihon, James Ottavio Castagnera

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2011, 2008, 2008
  • 800 Pages


A comprehensive introduction to employment and labor relations law, EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW is the ideal text for students of business and other non-legal professions. EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW uses real case excerpts to encourage critical reasoning and illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and get resolved in the courts. And, enlightening chapter features like The Working Law and Ethical Dilemma make a real connection with students by showing how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact employees of all levels of organizations today. Complete with the latest information on the ADAA, ERISA Amendments under ARRA, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and much more, no other book on the market contains such balanced coverage in a student-friendly approach.

Patrick J. Cihon, Syracuse University

Patrick J. Cihon is an Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management. His research interests include employment law, employment discrimination, labor relations, and dispute resolution. Professor Cihon is the co-author of West's TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT as well as a number of books and articles in the field of employment law. After a career with the Ontario Ministry of Labor, Professor Cihon joined Syracuse where he has received the Outstanding Faculty Member Award from both the Syracuse University Association of Graduate Business Students and the Syracuse Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma. Professor Cihon earned his B.A. from Pennsylvania State University, an LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University in Toronto, and an LL.M. from Yale Law School.

James Ottavio Castagnera, Managing Director, K&C HR Enterprises, and Associate Provost/Legal Counsel, Rider University

James Ottavio Castagnera is the Associate Provost and Legal Counsel for Academic Affairs at Rider University in Lawrenceville and Princeton (NJ). In this role, he oversees the Center for International Education, extensive regulatory matters, labor relations with the faculty union, and numerous other law-related and governance responsibilities in the Academic Affairs Division. He is also the Managing Director of K&C Human Resource Enterprises, a freelance writing, editing and consulting organization focused on labor/employment and higher education law. In addition to EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, Dr. Castagnera has published 18 other books, including AL QAEDA GOES TO COLLEGE (Praeger, 2009); nCOUNTER TERRORISM ISSUES (CRC Press 2013); HANDBOOK FOR STUDENT LAW (Peter Lang 2011, 2014); EMPLOYMENT LAW ANSWER BOOK (Wolters Kluwer, 8th ed. 2013), and West’s TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT with co-author Patrick Cihon. He holds a J.D. and Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University and has been a member of the Pennsylvania Bar for 34 years.
  • Chapters 4 and 14 feature new cases concerning emerging issues in the realms of high tech and social media. Chapter 4 focuses on issues of invasion of privacy involving computers, video and other high tech equipment. Chapter 14 highlights the National Labor Relations Board's new rules on employee and union use of email, texting and social media in the context of labor organizing.
  • Chapter 5 features the U.S. Supreme Court's successive 2011 and 2012 decisions concerning Arizona's various legislative efforts to deal with illegal aliens in the state. The chapter also summarizes similar developments in other states, which are trying to fill the enforcement vacuum they perceive.
  • The chapter on Public Sector Labor Law provides coverage of the efforts by conservative governors and legislatures in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey to curtail public-employee collective bargaining rights, diminish the poser of their unions and regain control of state-sponsored pension and health insurance benefits.
  • Case Treatment. Summarized cases (in the words of the authors) provide students with an overview of the facts, issue, and decision in a less intimidating manner than traditional cases. As learning to interpret cases in the language of the court is crucial in developing critical thinking skills, half of the cases in the text remain excerpted in the words of the court.
  • The Working Law. This feature demonstrates the relevance of employment and labor law in today's business world. Features include cutting edge topics such as emotional distress via social networking websites, internet addiction as a disability under ADA, and the 2008 Amendments to ERISA as well as controversial discussions about sweatshops and the don't ask, don't tell policy.
  • Ethical Dilemma. This feature challenges students to respond to situations that involve ethical behavior. Features question the use of genetic information, the boundaries regarding religion and harassment in the workplace, handing downsizing, and the extent of global corporate social responsibility.
  • Versatile End of Chapter Assignments. Short answer questions and hypothetical scenarios, combined with updated case problems, offer professors a variety of ways to engage students and measure comprehension.
  • In order to provide students with a better foundation, the OVERVIEW OF EMPLOYMENT LAW chapter details how employment law has developed over time and where it's heading under the Obama Administration. Also, of growing interest to students, the EMPLOYEE PRIVACY RIGHTS IN THE 21ST CENTURY chapter explores the often controversial issues of employee privacy – including the recent Quon case regarding text messaging. Finally, as business models shift to being more and more global, the INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT LAW AND AMERICAN IMMIGRATION POLICY chapter has been added to explore the issues of international law and immigration that are increasingly important.
  • Case Treatment. New summarized cases, in which the authors outline the facts, issue, and decision of a real case in their own words, have been added to provide more case illustrations that are student-friendly. As learning to interpret cases in the language of the court is crucial in developing critical thinking skills, half of the cases in the text remain excerpted in the words of the court.
  • Concept Summaries. Concept Summaries throughout each chapter outline the main legal principles illustrated.
  • Key Terms. To reinforce the terminology and legal concepts illustrated throughout the chapter, a Key Terms section, with page references, appears at the end of the chapter.
  • End of Chapter Problem Types. Each chapter contains many new problems – including 5 short answer questions regarding chapter comprehension, 10 case problems based on real cases, and 5 hypothetical scenarios to provide students an opportunity to critically analyze real life situations without a case citation reference.
  • Current and Balanced Coverage. This text offers a comprehensive balance of both employment law and labor law topics and includes up to date information regarding the ADA Amendments Act, the 2008 Amendments to ERISA under ARRA, the Lilly Ledbetter Act, and more.
1. First the Forest, Then the Trees: An Overview of Employment and Labor Law.
2. Employment Contracts and Wrongful Discharge.
3. Commonly Committed Workplace Torts.
4. Employee Privacy Rights in the 21st Century.
5. The Global Perspective: International Employment Law and American Immigration Policy.
6. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and Race Discrimination.
7. Gender and Family Issues: Title VII and Other Legislation.
8. Discrimination Based on Religion and National Origin & Procedures Under Title VII.
9. Discrimination Based on Age.
10. Discrimination Based on Disability.
11. Other EEO and Employment Legislation: Federal and State Laws.
12. The Rise of Organized Labor and Its Regulatory Framework.
13. The Unionization Process.
14. Unfair Labor Practices by Employers and Unions.
15. Collective Bargaining.
16. Picketing and Strikes.
17. The Enforcement and Administration of the Collective Agreement.
18. The Rights of Union Members.
19. Public Sector Labor Relations.
20. Occupational Safety and Health.
21. The Employee's Safety Nets: Unemployment and Workers' Compensation, Social Security and Retirement Plans.
22. The Fair Labor Standards Act.
Index of Cases.
Index of Subjects.

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