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Electronic Marketing: Integrating Electronic Resources into the Marketing Process 2nd Edition

Joel Reedy, Shauna J. Schullo

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2000
  • 592 Pages


This innovative and exciting new edition of Electronic Marketing combines the traditional proven marketing process of situation analysis, marketing planning, and marketing implementation to introduce the enhanced speed, accuracy, and target ability of electronic marketing resources. Electronic Marketing is the ideal guide for the marketing student to understand and integrate electronic resources into the learning process.

Joel Reedy, University of South Florida

Joel Reedy, BS in advertising from the University of Florida and MBA and marketing instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, has proven credentials in planning and execution of effective marketing programs. Before beginning his teaching career at USF in 1990, he worked as an advertising agency principal and marketing strategist for twenty years. His planning specialties included account planning, media planning, and process evaluation. While at USF, his attention has been directed toward segmentation and promotional strategies for more effective marketing performance, and he is an active user of electronic marketing tools as well as interactive technology. During his twelve years of full-time teaching at USF, Reedy has won four undergraduate teaching awards.

Shauna J. Schullo, University of South Florida

Shauna J. Schullo is currently the computer programmer analyst manager of academic computing at the University of South Florida. She holds a BS in chemistry, a MS degree in chemical engineering, and is pursuing her doctoral degree in instructional technology. Schullo has worked in the private industry and understands the application of online technology to commerce. She also brings classroom teaching experience and training in online and Web-related tools; she is an expert in many software packages including Lotus Notes, Excel, Access, Web browsers, electronic mail programs, HTML, and survey/forms design. Schullo is proficient in Authorware, multimedia packages, networking software, and graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere.
  • New Chapter 17: New to the second edition, "The Edge of Business-to-Business Activities" discusses how Business-to-Business firms are getting involved in the Internet and using it to conduct their business. It discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing business online, converting traditional business practices to e-business, e-business growth, and what kind of impact it will bring to the economy.
  • Up-to-Date: The text has been updated to reflect new technology innovations. Also. all of the figures in the text have been either updated or replaced.
  • Margin Definitions: Key terms are now pulled out and defined in the margins so that readers identify and can comprehend the key terms throughout the text. A glossary is also included in the book.
  • Instructor's Resource CD-ROM (IRCD): The IRCD contains all of the texts supplements in one easy-to-find location. The IRCD contains the instructor's manual and test bank.
  • E-Marketing Case History: Integrated throughout the text, "E-Marketing Case History" includes examples of real companies using electronic solutions to solve marketing and communications dilemmas.
  • E-Marketing in Action: These features provide examples of real companies using the Internet or electronic resources to enhance company marketing and communications.
  • Now You Know: These boxes integrated throughout the text provide readers with information concerning issues such as netiquette, tips on gathering information from the Internet, checklists for developing virtual storefronts, keys to building successful Web sites, hackers, and protecting customer privacy.
PART I. THE CONCEPTS OF ELECTRONIC MARKETING. 1. Introduction to the Resources of Electronic Marketing. 2. Concept of Electronic Commerce and the Traditional Marketing Process. 3. Marketing Planning Stage for Online Activities. 4. The Actions of Marketing Implementation. PART II. INTEGRATING ELECTRONIC MARKETING RESOURCES. 5. An Introduction to the Internet. 6. Concept of the Virtual Store for Marketing Products and Services. 7. The Tools of Electronic Marketing Resources. 8. Segmenting and Analyzing the Target Market. 9. Integrating the Promotional Mix. PART III. IMPLEMENTING THE E-COMMERCE STRATEGY. 10. Using the Internet. 11. Web Page Design. 12. Capturing Customer Profiles and Data Management. 13. Considerations for Ongoing Customer Communications. PART IV. INTEGRATING THE MARKETING AND E-COMMERCE CONCEPT. 14. Establishing and Promoting a Virtual Store. 15. Security on the E-Commerce Site. PART V. SPECIAL TOPICS. 16. Considerations for E-Business Situations. 17. The Edge of Business-to-Business Activities. 18. Implications to the International Marketing Program. 19. The Ethics of Electronic Marketing. 20. The Future of Electronic Marketing Resources.

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  • ISBN-10: 0324175957
  • ISBN-13: 9780324175950
  • Bookstore Wholesale Price $195.50
  • RETAIL $259.95

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PowerPoint Slides to accompany Electronic Marketing (available online)

ISBN: 9780324222012