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Communication Studies

Looking Out, Looking In, 14th Edition

Looking Out, Looking In, 14th Edition

Ronald B. Adler - Santa Barbara City College

Russell F. Proctor II - Northern Kentucky University

ISBN-10: 0840028172  ISBN-13: 9780840028174

448 Pages   Casebound

Table of Contents

1. A First Look at Interpersonal Communication.
2. Communication and Identity: Creating and Presenting the Self.
3. Perception: What You See Is What You Get.
4. Emotions: Feeling, Thinking, and Communicating.
5. Language: Barrier and Bridge.
6. Nonverbal Communication: Messages beyond Words.
7. Listening: More Than Meets the Ear.
8. Communication and Relational Dynamics.
9. [NEW TOPIC] Communication in Close Relationships. (subsections: Communication in the Family. Communication among Friends. Communication in Intimate Relationships.)
10. Improving Communication Climates.
11. Managing Interpersonal Conflicts.