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Ethical decisions do not take place in a vacuum, and many people, faced with their own interests and standards, need reliable guidelines to address the moral implications of business decisions. With a unique, highly practical approach to teaching business ethics, this text focuses on the relationships among various stakeholders, including individuals, groups, corporations, and even nations.
The new fifth edition includes the latest research, current cases, and practical examples to help students examine the role of ethics in today's business world, from the boardroom to the classroom. Updates also include the addition of new, real-world ethical dilemmas presenting actual encounters by managers and students; an easy, step-by-step guide to implement a stakeholder analysis; tips to help students apply ethical principles in their personal and professional lives; and comprehensive coverage of employee workplace issues and highly relevant topics such as risk management, preferential hiring, corporate legitimacy, and moral accountability. The text also explores today's increasingly interconnected global business environment with coverage of multinational corporations and important issues such as the digital divide, bribery, corruption, human rights, and the environment. This text gives students the practical tools they need to handle complex moral dilemmas in the workplace and the world.

About The Author

Joseph W. Weiss

Joseph W. Weiss is Professor of Management at Bentley College, where he teaches and researches in the areas of business ethics, leadership, technology management, and organizational change management. He is a Fulbright Program Specialist and national peer reviewer for business applicants, past chair of the Academy of Management Consulting Division, and current co-chair of the HICSS (Hawaii International Conference of System Sciences) IT/Project Management track. He has studied and worked in the Middle East (the American University of Beirut) and has written five books, including BUSINESS ETHICS, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR & CHANGE, and FIVE-PHAS PROJECT MANAGEMENT. He has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award by the Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, as well as the Innovative Teaching Award at Bentley College. He is a fellow with ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies), which awarded him a grant to introduce spirituality into the management curriculum at Bentley. He is a leadership consultant with two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, and startup companies.

Table of Contents

1. Business Ethics, the Changing Environment, and Stakeholder Management.
Case 1. Enron.
Case 2. Microsoft.
2. Stakeholder and Issues Management Approaches.
Case 3. Mattel Toy Recall.
Case 4. JetBlue.
Case 5. Arthur Andersen.
3. Ethical Principles, Quick Tests, and Decision-Making Guidelines.
Case 6. Sam Waksal and Imclone.
Case 7. Aaron Feuerstein and Malden Mills.
Case 8. Jerome Kerviel: Rogue Trader or Misguided Employee?
Case 9. Seeking Two Kinds of Green: Richard Branson's Ventures in Biofuel.
Case 10. Ford Pinto.
4. The Corporation and External Stakeholders: Corporate Governance in a "Free Market."
Case 11. Napster.
Case 12. Vioxx.
Case 13. Who Killed the Electric Car?
Case 14. Skype.
5. Stakeholder Responsibilities of Corporations in the Marketplace.
Case 15. Facebook's Beacon.
Case 16. Genetics Discrimination.
6. The Corporation and Internal Stakeholders: Values-Based Moral Leadership, Culture, Strategy, and Self-Regulation.
Case 17. Commitments to Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry.
Case 18. What's Written vs. What's Reality.
7. Employee Stakeholders and the Corporation.
Case 19. Wal-Mart: Ongoing Changes with Gender Discrimination.
Case 20. Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
Case 21. Women on Wall Street.
8. Stakeholder Management and Multinational Corporations in the Global Environment.
Case 22. China, India, and Wal-Mart.
Case 23. Google in China.
Case 24. Sweatshops: Are Companies Willing to Solve the Problem?


  • Cases follow each chapter to present contemporary, comprehensive, real-world (not hypothetical) business ethics scenarios covering relevant topics (such as issues related to new technologies and privacy) that engage student interest and provide realistic illustrations of essential principles of business ethics.
  • Opening cases and/or profiles of contemporary issues begin each chapter to engage students immediately, demonstrate the impact and importance of key concepts, and show the relevance of upcoming material to students' lives and future careers.
  • The author masterfully and practically connects universal concepts of business ethics to concrete situations and real-world examples, enabling students to grasp key ideas without losing sight of the hands-on considerations of applied ethics.

New to this Edition

  • The fifth edition includes 16 new cases and extensive updates to four others, providing current, compelling, and highly relevant examples such as topics on China, India, Facebook, MySpace, new technologies, and privacy issues to help engage student interest and provide realistic illustrations of essential principles of business ethics.
  • The new edition features recent national surveys on ethics integrated into each chapter, a special updated and in-depth section on employee workplace issues, and expanded coverage of generational differences.
  • A new Applications & Insight section in every chapter features new information and decision-making challenges for students on key chapter topics, and updated coverage and current applications of ethical principles play an active and fundamental role in each chapter.
  • New research referenced throughout the text brings business ethics into the twenty-first century, reflecting the complex and constantly evolving business environment students will enter. The author devotes considerable attention to major contemporary and international topics in business ethics by integrating current and emerging issues from today's workplace.
  • An updated video program, available on DVD, complements the text with additional exploration of key issues and examples in an entertaining format sure to appeal to students.

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