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Communication Between Cultures, 8th Edition

Communication Between Cultures, 8th Edition

Larry A. Samovar - San Diego State University, Emeritus

Richard E. Porter - California State University, Long Beach, Emeritus

Edwin R. McDaniel - California State University, San Marcos

Carolyn S. Roy - San Diego State University

ISBN-10: 111134910X  ISBN-13: 9781111349103

432 Pages   Paperbound

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  • Hundreds of new references and many new photographs.
  • To make the book more practical, many of the chapters now have specific sections on ways to improve intercultural communication.
  • Boxes such as "Remember This," "Imagine This," and "Consider This" encourage students to consider intercultural communication problems, answer questions, and think about concepts found within each chapter.
  • Expanded discussions of Islam, other religious traditions, spirituality, and humanism, and their influence on views of death and the afterlife, as well as discussion of the impact of today's globalized economy, necessary transnational cooperation to combat the war on terrorism, and the growth of India as an economic superpower.
  • The importance of education in a multicultural society is discussed, and this edition offers new material about the learning preferences of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and gives advice on how to create classrooms that reflect the various ethnicities of the surrounding community so culturally different students can feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Includes three in-depth chapters that cover intercultural communication within the contexts of business, education, and health care.
  • Offers exceptional coverage of racism and racial tensions, stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and ethnocentrism.
  • Provides a unique focus on the deep structure of culture, emphasizing the roles that family, religion, and history play in intercultural communication.
  • Gives attention to co-cultures both in the United States and worldwide, including a section on cultural adaptation reflecting the significance of more immigrants moving from one culture to another.
  • Emphasizes cultural identity and its influence on intercultural communication, including discussions of what our cultural identity tells us about ourselves and our place in the culture and how our cultural identity shapes our perceptions and communication patterns.