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Financial Accounting, 11th Edition

Financial Accounting, 11th Edition
includes IFRS

Belverd E. Needles - DePaul University

Marian Powers - Northwestern University

ISBN-10: 053847601X  ISBN-13: 9780538476010

736 Pages   Casebound

Table of Contents

1: Uses of Accounting Information and the Financial Statements.
Supplement to Chapter 1: How to Read an Annual Report.
2: Analyzing Business Transactions.
3: Measuring Business Income.
Supplement to Chapter 3: Closing Entries and the Work Sheet.
4: Financial Reporting and Analysis.
Supplement to Chapter 4: The Annual Report Project.
5: The Operating Cycle and Merchandising Operations.
6: Inventories.
7: Cash and Receivables.
8: Current Liabilities and Fair Value Accounting.
9: Long-Term Assets.
10: Long-Term Liabilities.
11: Stockholders' Equity.
12: The Statement of Cash Flows.
13: Financial Performance Measurement.
14: Investments.
Appendix A: Accounting for Unincorporated Businesses.
Appendix B: Present Value Tables.
Supplement: Understanding International Federal Reporting Standards.